Holiday feeling

Yesterday was a very long day. Chris left before 7am and only got home close to 6pm. But today was totally different. This morning I went shopping with the girls and had good intentions to buy them some holiday clothes (extra tracksuits) from the Pick ‘n Pay clothing store. It suddenly dawned on me that Joyce does a batch (and often 2) of washing every day. Ava is in that phase where she doesn’t stay clean and dry for very long. If the door is open she is out like a shot and although she walks well, she still falls over a lot and so has permanently wet and/or dirty knees as well as wet everywhere else when she discovers water of any sort. Obviously I won’t be washing on holiday (I think) so decided to get some extra supplies. One of the big shopping centres is being revamped and it’s happening right next to this particular clothing store, never having been into the shop before I hadn’t realised this. So, because of all the building they aren’t stocking any kids clothes. How infuriating. So somehow I then landed up at Naartjie which has a sale on but I only seemed to buy 1 sale item, I’m clearly not a very good sale person. So, eek, 2 outfits for Ava, 1 for Zoe and 2 pairs of tights for Zoe and R1000 later. I then went into Woolies and as is typical, they’ve got their new summer stuff out. So, bought the kind of basics I know get worn a lot and one can never find in summer.  But I’m now completely off the topic.

So, today Chris got home just after 12 and it is a stunning day – 27 degrees with a gentle berg wind. I was planning to go for a long run but had nearly changed my mind because of the heat. Chris said it wasn’t hot and why wasn’t I going? So off I went and I nearly died. 1 hour and about 5 minutes in 27 degrees (when it’s the middle of winter so I’m not really used to running in the heat) and I was exhausted (and looked like a tomato). Quickly showered and woke Ava and off we went to the beach. Once again I wish I’d had a camera – perfect, perfect weather, the girls shrieking with delight and the dogs digging and swimming and doing what dogs do. Ava as usual landed up soaking wet and she just keeps going back for more. She is a beach babe of note, helped of course by her little layer of blubber that her big sister doesn’t have a gram of. Zoe was in her costume but I’m afraid Ava started off in shorts and a T shirt, lost the pants pretty much on arrival, then the T shirt and finally the nappy was discarded as it was sodden (with sea water). How amazing that we stay 5 minutes from such an awesome beach, it is such brilliant entertainment and so therapeutic just to sit on one’s towel and watch them playing, all the surfers, surfskiers,etc. Chris is desperate to buy a surfski and says he wants to get 2 singles or a double next year. It looks amazing on a day like today when the sea is glassy, but I do get sea sick and have never tried it before, so think 1 single initially and then depending on how I get on, another one perhaps. He’s been out with a good friend of ours and he says he’s never worked his “core” muscles so much in his life before. Should do a good job on the old love handles then.

In bad news, the horse labrador named Kohl accidently ran straight into my mom’s thumb and she has torn a fairly crucial ligament in her right thumb. She was in tremendous pain after it happened and so Chris went to look at it last night and made the diagnosis. He bandaged it up, which helped for the pain, but she has to wear a spika/support 24 hours a day for 4 weeks and then during the day for another 4 weeks and if it hasn’t healed then she’ll need a op (that Chris won’t do as it’s not ethical to operate on family). That includes me so I gain pretty much zero benefit out of marrying a plastic surgeon. My poor mom, I haven’t seen it yet but apparently the spika is rather large and being one’s right hand, she is struggling to do stuff. Not such great timing as this Friday she’s babysitting our 2 when we go and watch Brazil play Netherlands (GO NETHERLANDS!!) and then they’ve got our dogs for the week we’re in Buffalo Bay and the following weekend they’ve got both girls while we stay on in Knysna to do the Marathon (and Half Marathon).


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