Ava is still snotty and although she doesn’t have a fever or anything I thought that perhaps it’s a good idea to have the doctor check her out before we go away. It tends to happen every time that she’s sick (she’s only ever had colds and not since early December so not bad going). It takes her forever to get totally over the snottiness. The last time the Paed said that she is prone to sinus, so what starts as a cold then turns into sinus and a post nasal drip. He gave me a Cortisone nose spray to give her but one can’t give it when she still has the cold as the cortisone will inhibit her ability to fight the germs, a bit of a catch 22 situation as I have no idea when to start giving it to her. TMI but her snot is never green or anything so who knows when the cold ends and the sinus starts. She’d been having Rinex Mucospect for quite a while (only give it at night or sometimes in the day) so last night I thought rather just Iliadin and she woke up at 4am totally blocked up, poor mite. She and Zoe will be sharing a room while we’re away, so I’d prefer if she was 100% and doesn’t disturb her sister at night.

Anyway, so why do I feel awkward? I asked Chris to make an appointment with the Paed and he asked his receptionist to make the call. The Paed’s receptionist told her he was full for today (surprise, surprise) but she was then put through to the doctor himself and he’s going to squeeze us in at 13h45. I feel really bad as my child really isn’t sick at all and I’m going to be so embarassed as I’m sure it’s his lunch hour. He also never charges us a cent, even when he met us once at the hospital on a Sunday afternoon (he drove there especially). Oh boy, I sometimes hate being a doctor’s wife. It’s also slap bang in her new sleeping time as she goes down at 12pm and usually wakes anytime between 2 and 3pm. I’ve put her down a bit earlier but sure she’s still going to be exhausted by 7pm this evening as I’ll need to wake her at about 13h30. I almost wish I’d phoned myself but I really didn’t think Chris would ask Sandy to do it. If he’d phoned he could then have just made the appointment for tomorrow once he’d heard they were full. No idea what she told the doctor to make him squeeze us in and how embarassing to get your husband’s receptionist to phone when the Paed knows that I’m at home with the girls. I was so keen just to say forget it but Sandy said I must go so can only imagine what she said. I just want to die, perhaps I’ll pinch Ava just to make her scream a bit!!!

Update: back from the Paed. It got worse, when we arrived there was no appointment written down (obviously because he made the appointment and didn’t tell his receptionist. The receptionist was lovely and told us to wait, she’d sort it out. Then the doctor arrived and called us straight in. He was his usual sweet self and told me to give her celestamine for 5 days and then the nasal spray if it still hasn’t cleared. He really is such a honey and didn’t make me feel bad for a second.  Then I did the dreaded deed. At my 6 week gynae check-up after having Ava she gave me a script for a Mirena, so that I could come and have it inserted in the rooms. Yes, I’ve had 2 babies naturally but I did have epidurals and this just seems entirely different. I am terrified and have been putting it off, no surprise there – Ava was walking around the consulting rooms. Although, it is not necessary from a contraceptive point of view (I think and hope) I need to be on some form of contraception so that I do have periods as otherwise I wouldn’t have any and although that is very convenient, it isn’t very good for you. So, I’ve been on the pill but I can never remember to take it and so keep having my period start when it shouldn’t. So, today I took the plunge and went to the gynae’s rooms after Ava’s appointment to get a new script for a Mirena and book my appointment. It’s for the 24 August. Oh boy help, I’m already scared. Just shows you how busy female gynae’s are – 24 August is her 1st appointment, thank goodness for that, they were thinking of putting me on the cancellation list but I quickly declined.


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