A little surreal

Because of where we live, we stay very close to the Radisson Hotel (about 200m) which is PE’s only 5 star hotel. Strangely enough only 2 of the World Cup teams have stayed there. I think it’s because it was only opened last year and I reckon FIFA are pretty strict about checking out all the team hotels way in advance and advising what changes must be made, so I think the Radisson missed the deadline and is mostly used by the fans following the teams around. Quite glad in a way as when the teams did stay there we had police circling around our block in their cars and on foot all the time. So, the hotel where the more popular teams all seem to stay is the Marine Hotel and it’s the second closest hotel to us. England were there and now Brazil are there and a whole host of other teams that I can’t really remember anymore. Although I think England had by far the most supporters following them around, it is obvious that Brazil has the most media following them or maybe it’s just because we are getting into the crunch part of the competition, so there are less teams to follow around. I went running past the hotel this morning and one just can’t believe all the camera crews and TV cameras all set up and pointing at the hotel. All along the beachfront there are other TV crews doing interviews and generally getting a feel for the place I presume. Buzzing is a good way to describe it all and it does seem rather surreal that this is happening down the road from where we live. Even more odd is that when I was in Primary School I had a friend whose dad was the manager at the Marine Hotel and they lived in the penthouse suite, I think (I know it was right and the top). It was always very exciting to go and play at her “house” as we used to charge around the hotel all afternoon and could order room service for lunch. It was a very long time ago as I was only at that Primary School until I was 10 but I still remember pretty clearly. I’ll have to check with my mom but something tells me the little girl’s mom had died and that’s partly why they lived in the hotel.

When we bought tickets for the World Cup we also decided to buy tickets for our nanny/domestic’s 3 sons. The game I happened to buy for was tomorrow’s match between Brazil and Holland and Joyce tells me they are unbelievably excited. I am very glad we did this as yesterday I was speaking to a friend that lives in Cape Town and she said that the South Africans watching the Spain vs Portugal match the other night was certainly not very representative of the South African population. Perhaps Joburg and other places are different but soccer is after all mostly watched by black people in South Africa and although there were cheap tickets available (although I never managed to get any of those) R140 is still way out of the reach of the majority of South Africans.

Also a bit upset as 1 of the pairs of tights that I bought for Zoe at Naartjie the other day has a big hole in the crotch. It’s the first time she’s worn them and now I’ll have to take them back. I don’t really have time to do that with all the organising I’ve got for the holiday and also don’t have my slip, so hope they don’t give me any hassles. It’s not the first time that Naartjie clothes have got holes in them – she has a pair of purple leggings that got 2 holes very soon after I bought them. I was lazy to take them back and also gave them the benefit of the doubt as one never knows if it was through playing. My mom put a tiny butterfly patch over the hole and Zoe thinks they’re great. The holes are actually on the back, but because of the butterflies she now wears them the wrong way around.


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