We’re on holiday!!!

What a day, will update with photos but just don’t have time right now. What an awesome game. Amazing. It was so nice to go with Chris and my dad and to know that I could completely relax as my mom was looking after the girls.

Today was an absolutely perfect day here, warm as could be – we were still just in T-shirts when we arrived home at 6.30pm. The atmosphere was brilliant and we went and came back on the bus. The game ended at 17.50 and we were home by 18.30!!! We were shouting for Holland and I was convinced they’d lose after watching the first half of the game and then they WON!!! Met a guy on the bus, he and a friend are out from the UK. They watched the Spain vs Portugal game in Cape Town, then came up last night on the bus, watched today’s match and because there are no seats available on any flights between Joburg and PE tomorrow, they are going back to Cape Town on the bus tonight and then flying up to Joburg for the match there tomorrow. The buses that go from PE to Joburg leave at 6pm, so they couldn’t go on one of those. Quite incredible. My dad met a woman from the UK today and they had driven here from England. Wonder just how many others are all doing the same thing. Although 1 team always has to lose, everyone is still so happy and chatty and obviously just loving the whole event. It is really special and I’m rather sad that today was my last game. I know there are loads of South Africans that are very negative about SA but no one could have watched any of the games and not be astounded at how well we’ve done. The stadiums are awesome – clean and tidy with no queue for the toilets (let me repeat that, there are no queues for the toilets) or to get in or out of the stadium for that matter. The public transport is so well organised, free and everything just seems to run like clockwork. PE’s weather has on the whole been spectacular with many days in the mid to high twenties and this is our winter remember. Anyway enough about all that, just hope Ghana can do us proud tonight as well.

We leave tomorrow for Buffalo Bay and I can’t wait. Packing not nearly done but we’re only leaving at about 11am so hopefully it will all go well tomorrow. Kids are sick though. Ava cried last night at 3am and when I went to her I realised that she’d thrown up. So, you know the drill, change all the sheets, her, etc. It was obviously because of all the snot and gunk she’s been swallowing. I sat with her in her room for a while and she kept throwing up/gagging more so we gave her some Iliadin (must remember to give it more often) and she soon settled and we could all get back to sleep. When Zoe woke up this morning she kept saying that her tummy was sore and she gagged a bit when drinking her tea. I let Ava sleep till almost 8am and then while I was busy getting her up, Zoe came into the room and started vomitting – fortunately on the wooden floor and with that Joyce arrived and helped me sort it all out. Lovely start to the day that was. Neither of them wanted to eat much today, although Zoe ate a huge supper according to my mom. Ava is lovely and chubby, so think she’ll have enough reserves to keep her going.

Next Friday my folks drive down to fetch the girls and we then have a lovely weekend on our own, great pity we have to run 21 and 42km’s but it will hopefully be lots of fun (mine more than Chris’s I think).

So won’t be updating for a while. Enjoy the last of the soccer and school holidays.


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