Back home

Will have to update with all the photos tonight but thought I’d write a bit while I have a chance. We had a lovely time away, with overall pretty good weather. The only lowlight of the holiday was that our friends all got gastro and their kids were pretty badly affected for quite a long time. That meant that they weren’t able to come along on a couple of the outings that we did and my friend and I didn’t manage to go mountain biking as we’d planned. We stayed in a lovely house right near the beach so one could hear the sea at night and it was a quick stroll down to the beach during the day. I had 2 lovely runs on the beach, although with the first one Chris came along and obviously tweaked his one calf a little which meant that it gave him some trouble on the marathon. So, what did we do, I won’t bore you with the details but we had some superb walks, trips into the forest at Homtini, beach runs and lots of playing on the beach, trips to a kiddie jungle-gym play park with horse rides and an obstacle course (twice), visit to an organic village and fairy garden, trip to Monkeyland. Monkeyland was a bit much for Ava. She’d been in her car seat for about an hour and then was promptly put in the backpack for an hour’s guided trip around Monkeyland and that was a bit long and restrictive. We resorted to feeding her Flings (totally against the rules) to keep her happy. Zoe loved it. Then on Friday we swapped cars with my folks, they got the Scenic with the 2 girls and a trailer full of  stuff (the whole house minus the furniture according to Chris) and we got the Mini with just our stuff for the weekend.  Stayed at a place called Under Milkwood which is near the Knysna Heads. Ironically we stayed there a few times when I was a little girl. It was just perfect – position-wise (Knysna’s pretty hectic for the Marathon weekend) as well as comfort/luxury-wise. We settled in and then went to register for the running. I had been pretty keen to give the run a skip when I heard it was going to be 13 and raining as one does stand around waiting quite a bit. We woke at 5am (yes, 5am) and it was actually quite warm and dry so I didn’t have any excuse to stay in bed plus I’d eaten so much throughout the week that I thought I better do it. Felt a bit crazy to wake up that time when your 2 little girls are safely with Granny and Grandpa 260km away and you’re warm and toasty in a divine bed with a lovely warm duvet. We got the taxi to the start, always an experience to drive in the black taxis as everyone is so chatty and excited (and they have music blaring of course). We then walked through the forest for about 10 minutes – a magical little path lit by lights strung next to the path and then one is led down towards the tent where there is coffee, tea, hot chocolate, rusks, bananas yoghurts,etc. as well as those outdoor gas heaters. Previously there were huge raging fires but guess that’s a bit of a risk in the forest with it being so dry. The organisation is just phenomenal. We got into the forest just before 6 I think and Chris ‘s race started at 7am. I then went off to join the 6500 waiting for the half marathon start. The hour passed pretty quickly as runners really are such a happy, friendly bunch. Unfortunately I hit my 1 toe on a stone quite near the beginning of the race and that meant that that toe was extremely painful on the downhills for the rest of the race. The race has quite a few very steep downhills and I had to try and curl my toes to stop it hitting the front of the shoe – sometimes I got it right and other times not – needless to say that toe and it’s nail are not a pretty sight. Such an arb injury, but it did mean I didn’t do quite as well as I would’ve liked. I managed a 1h50 which is pretty good considering the amount of people that do the race (the start is pretty slow), it’s quite hilly although there is quite a bit of downhill but I couldn’t take too much advantage of it due to my toe-curling running style I had to adopt! Chris managed 4h25 – also slower than he would’ve liked but his preious best for that race was 4h45 so he was reasonably pleased. The weather was actually perfect for most of the day and it only started to get cold and rainy towards the evening. We had a superb late lunch at Cornuti’s at the Heads and then had a relaxing evening watching the soccer. We had planned to go to the Parlotones and Flat Stanley concert but the rain made us chicken out. One never sleeps that well after a race so we were awake pretty early (and the torrential rain YAY woke us up). We had a nice breakfast at the other restaurant at the Heads before heading back to PE in the pouring rain.

Ava and Zoe were absolutely angelic with my folks but I can’t tell you how much I miss them when I’m away from them. I don’t know how I’ll ever cope with them leaving home one day!! I’m not sure if it’s worse because I’m at home with them. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy having a break from them but I really don’t like being apart, it’s like an indescribable ache inside and I have this overwhelming urge to cuddle them.

Would you believe but Ava is still sick – almost a month now, so back to the Paed today but more on that tomorrow. Oh and it’s now time for bed and I haven’t even looked at the photos we took yet, so can’t upload yet. Don’t expect too much, we never take any photos although Zoe took quite a few of passing cars while we were driving at one stage!!! The other day she took the camera (I do admit she asked me and I let her) and she took a whole lot around the house – some were actually pretty good but it’s just so adorable what she was trying to capture – she’d put Moo (her stuffed cow) on the back of her My Little Pony but she was a bit too close so they didn’t really come out but there were some great shots of the dogs.


One Response to “Back home”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Welcome Back! I missed your updates.

    Congrats on the Half marathon – very impressive my friend, and I think that you ran an amazing time.

    Glad to hear you had such a good time, and now back to the grindstone.

    Looking forward to seeing some photies when you have a moment.

    Going for my first scan tomorrow and then hopefully FET will follow shortly thereafter, so keep me in your prayers.

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