I warned you. We don’t take photos very often so this is about all I can upload. Oops.

Trying to get my dad and I with the stadium(that he was involved with the building of) in the background

The Dutch fans put up this absolutely enormous thing (no idea what it was)

Brazilian equivalent

Our view

We supported Holland. Yay!! Pity about Sunday but Chris was supporting Spain.

The one and only beach photo, but just look at this little munchkin - she likes to wait till you've smothered her in sunscreen and then she rolls in the sand!!

Ava at the play park

This is one that Zoe took of her sister while we were driving, not bad for a 3 year old

the 3 little girls in the bath - don't you just love the tiles - the houses in Buffels Bay are quite something, real beach holiday houses

The Big Tree in Homtini forest

The girls on a fairy bench, Zoe had a haircut today but I'll have to do something about Ava's as well.

Zoe doing what she loves best.

Ava's first horse ride


5 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Nisey Says:

    looks like fun!!

  2. myjamjar Says:

    Ahhhh, such precious memories!!!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Hey! I can’t believe I never realized you were blogging! Hooray! Another blog to add to my list.
    I love the photo’s, looks like you’re all having loads of fun!

  4. bratty Says:

    Love the photos…you look like you had a great time.

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