Ava suffers from sinus. If ever she gets a cold then it tends to linger forever and develop into sinus. My mom gets sinus and I got it as a child but it doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore. As I mentioned yesterday, Ava has now had a snotty nose for almost a month now. She isn’t exactly sick but her nose gets very blocked and she just isn’t 100% herself. She actually got much better while we were away but then got very snotty again over the weekend. The Paed thinks that my parents’ house is obvioulsy more allergenic which is quite possible as they were looking after 3 large dogs (our 2 plus their 1) and their house is mostly carpeted. He has now given her a whole lot of steroids and if she’s no better in 10 days then she must see an ET. I have made the appointment to see the ENT anyway (1st appointment is 10 August) as I’d like to know if there’s anything I should be doing to stop her from getting so blocked up in the future. I know that both my mom and I get terrible sinus headaches and I would hate it if she was suffering from headaches as she obviously can’t tell me if her head is sore. That leads me onto an entirely different subject, her lack of speaking. Now, Zoe spoke very early and was saying quite a few words before she was even 1. Ava is now 13 months and although she has said mama and dada on the very odd occasion, she seems to have stopped that all together. I am not worried as apparently I only starting speaking at 2 and a half but it is just so strange how children differ. While we were away our friends couldn’t get over the number of questions that Zoe asks. Their son went to bed a little later on a few of the evenings but he just played quietly by himself, building stuff out of blocks or whatever. Zoe never stops talking and asking questions from the moment she opens her eyes until she goes to bed. The constant chatter and questioning can be fairly exhausting but I suppose I’m almost used to it now. Thank goodness that Ava doesn’t seem to be following in her sister’s footsteps – 2 chatterboxes might just be a bit much to handle but in another way I just love it when they can start to communicate and tell you what they want. Perhaps I should start doing some baby sign language with Ava as the pointing and “Uh uh uh uh” at whatever it is she wants is quite annoying.

Now that all the holidays are over I have a few new missions. Firstly, I need to get hold of a new architect (not sure if I told you the whole story of the last one). He is actually a friend of ours (the new one, not the previous one). Chris’s work is still rather undecided but we want the plans drawn up and approved so that as soon as we can go ahead with things we can just start and not have to delay anymore. Next task is to get hold of someone to come and advise us (and make) curtains for the house. We’re still using curtains from our old house and they’re all way too short as this house has such high ceilings. Another thing that depends on Chris’s job is my new car. I went to visit a friend today and she has a brand new Polo and I’m really itching to get a new car now. I’ve never had a brand new car and it probably makes absolutely no financial sense but we’ll see. While we were away our friends little boy threw up in my car, so now it has a faint vomit odour which makes me even more keen to get rid of it!!! I could obviously just take it in for a proper valet, possibly would work out  a bit cheaper than buying a R400 000 car. Cannot even begin to think how atrocious my car’s trade-in value would be if they sat and smelled it for a while. It has had 4 years of carting wet, dirty dogs around as well as over 3 years of child abuse and it doesn’t have leather seats (never go without them again).


2 Responses to “Sinus”

  1. Nisey Says:

    leather seats are a necesity with kids… if you’re still thinking of the fortuner the leather only comes in beige which is a nightmare with kids and dogs – mine is not even a year old yet and has to be valeted (R500) fairly regularly (every 3 months or so) because kids and dogs and beige leather not such a good combination!

    • zamom Says:

      Oh dear, perhaps it’s back to drawing board with regards choosing a car. The Pajero Sport seems quite similar. Are you happy with your otherwise?

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