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Every now and then I start writing about the whole stay-at-home vs working mom debate and then I delete it again because at the end of the day, it’s a very personal thing and there are always going to be loads of arguments for and against the whole issue. I know 100% that I made the right decision for myself and my family. I can say without a shadow of a doubt or regret that I look forward to each and every day. I won’t lie and say it’s easy, it’s tough being a mom. I am very lucky, I know that. I have a mom that lives around the corner and full-time help and my husband doesn’t work very long hours. I get loads of me-time to exercise or do whatever it is that I need and want to do. I am lucky that my husband earns enough that any salary I could earn, is really not necessary. Physios don’t earn a huge amount of money and there are days when Chris earns in an hour what I would earn in a whole month. It just doesn’t make financial sense for me to work, yes an extra R10 or 15 000 a month would be nice but we fortunately don’t need it. If I was the type of person that needed to work (and I know quite a few people like that) then that would be a whole different story. There are many women who don’t like to be dependent on their husbands or that need to work to feel that their life is worthwhile or whatever the reason is. Just as there are moms like me, so there are other moms that feel the complete opposite and I don’t for a second judge them or say that one way is wrong or right or better or worse, it’s all very personal.

I know that my life is worthwhile. I loved my work as a physio and especially once I started working with disabled children. I worked in 3 different schools in some pretty poor areas (Athlone, Mitchells Plain and the poor part of Claremont) in Cape Town. I know I made a big difference to the lives of a lot of those children. I look forward to working with disabled children again, but at the moment I am very much enjoying being Zoe and Ava’s mom. It is a dream come true for me and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God that I get to be their mom and spend each day with them, caring for them and their very special dad.

Today, Zoe went back to school. She has Clay Play on a Wednesday so must be there by 8.15am (a real struggle I am ashamed to admit), especially as Chris left way before 7am. Once I’d dropped Zoe off I stopped at my mom’s (they live 2 houses down from the school) and we had tea, a muffin and a good chat. I then came home and did some admin stuff and then Ava and I took the dogs for a lovely long walk along the beachfront. Got back, gave Ava a snack and then she went down to sleep just before 12. I fetched Zoe at 12 and stayed chatting to all the other mom’s for a while while the kids all rolled down the hill/slope and climbed/jumped off a fallen down tree which they all love to do. Zoe and I played some games, had some lunch and sat reading books in the sunshine till I woke Ava at 2.45pm. We then went off to a friend where the kids played – the older kids rode bikes while the younger two had a ball chasing each other around and the grown-ups had a chance to catch up and chat. Pretty awesome day as far as I’m concerned.


6 Responses to “My day”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Katherine, I really hope that this blog posting is not in response to the post I did yesterday as my posting was never intended to be a judgy post about mom’s who work or mom’s who stay at home. At the end of the day, personally, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way, or a better or worse way. Its a matter of choosing what works best for ourselves and our families as individuals with different goals, dreams, aspirations and values.

    I feel fortunate because my solution was to get a little bit of both words, I love my job and enjoy going to work every day but I do work reduced hours, so I still have the afternoons to spend with Ava and I get the bonus of a really good salary at the end of each month. If I was a low earner I may have been tempted to work even less hours or not at all for that matter but I landed with my butt in the butter when I landed this job and I’ve already told them they’ll have to carry me out of here feet first one day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just one more thing…. I hate it when SAHM’s say they don’t “work”, you should rather say you work for free with no increase and no vacations. Personally, I believe that I’d find being a full time SAHM much more “work” than leaving the house to work in an office for a few hours every day.

    • zamom Says:

      Not at all, the article had got me thinking when I read it the other day and I just realised how very unapplicable it was to my life (maybe that will all change when my angels are 2 moody teenagers!!!)

  2. samcy Says:

    It sounds like pure bliss to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially the walk on the beach with your daughter and dogs…. Maybe one day….


  3. Nisey Says:

    I take my hat off to anyone that can stay at home. its a hard hard job. i work from home so i’m kind of in the middle… most days i wish i could go to an office because i find working so much EASIER than parenting! much as i love being a mom i find parenting exhausting… i am also in the position that my earnings are really just not necesary but sometimes i like to close the study door just to get away from the madness ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. zamom Says:

    I think you are having a tougher time than most of us and as I said I do get to get away quite a bit, which makes the world of difference to one’s sanity.

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