Sickness update

Be very careful of ever bragging about your perfect day!!! Oh boy what a night we had. Zoe kept (about 3 times) calling me to come and sort out some problem (non-existent obviously) as she was dreaming – her shoes were hurting her(??!) and I don’t even remember what else, oh yes, she needed a tissue and then her duvet wasn’t right. Charming. Anyway, some time after that Ava cried and I dispatched Chris, she settled but then before long she cried again and he went in to her again. A little later I heard her cry so thinking that he was back in bed with me I charged off to her room (the door was open) so was thinking, you fool, you left the door open and that’s what’s disturbed her. Oh boy, I was wrong, he was busy trying to put her in her cot and that’s why she yelled. He said she was very blocked up so I asked whether he’d given her Iliadin (answer, no so we did that) and then I took over. It was now 5am, so she really wasn’t keen to go back to her cot as I presume she wasn’t really that tired anymore. No idea what time it was that she first cried. I didn’t feel like holding her in her chair for another 2 hours so I was very naughty and brought her to our bed. She was still extremely restless and I’m sure she didn’t sleep at all. I asked Chris to turn his alarm off as just now she does fall asleep only to be woken by his alarm at 6.15 or whenever it was due to go off. By 6.05am she was still clearly awake, so I asked him to go and get her bottle (she was lying all over me, so that’s why I sent him). I clearly said to him twice, don’t forget the alarm, meaning the house alarm. In his defence it is only fairly recently (when he went to Turkey) that we started to put the alarm on at night and we’ve just been away for 10 days but he’s already set it off once since we’ve been back. What alarm did he think I meant???? I then realise he’s walked passed the keypad and has gone to the kitchen, so I think he’s just going to do her bottle and not let the dogs out. But no I then hear him opening the curtains of the sliding door where we let the dogs out and I just know what’s coming next. I am trying to “whisper” “Chris, Chris, the alarm” as I don’t want to disturb Ava too much, but obviously he can’t hear me as it’s quite far from our room to the diningroom. So, next minute the alarm starts blaring, he runs back and is punching in numbers on the keypad but obviously not the right ones as it keeps blaring, Ava starts screaming and I’m mad as a snake, thinking what a fool, I even reminded him about the alarm, twice! I ask again, what alarm did he think I was referring to if I’d already asked him to turn off his phone/wake-up alarm?  Zoe slept through this all and only woke at 7.15am probably because she has a streaming cold poor thing – sneezing non-stop and coughing. Can only imagine what tonight is going to be like.

So, 3 days into a hectic amount of steroids and Ava is just as blocked-up as ever.

The good news is that I currently have 2 sleeping children and my bed is bathed in sunshine in the afternoons, so I’m off to read my book.


3 Responses to “Sickness update”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Its Murphy’s Law! You NEVER tempt the sleep fairies!!! 🙂 Hope you have a better night tonight!

  2. darylfaure Says:

    Aah the joys of domestic bliss! Shame Katherine – hope you have a better night tonight and the girls recover soon.

  3. samcy Says:

    It sounds….. awful… hope everyone gets better soon my dear and that you got to enjoy your book in the sun 😉


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