Aching heart

This is going to sound very odd but I really can’t believe that the World Cup is over. I have a bit of an ache in my heart and I can’t quite believe it myself. There was a time (quite a while ago I admit) that I was one of those that thought it was going to be a royal disaster, but it wasn’t, quite the opposite and we can all hold our heads up high I reckon. The build-up in the last few weeks leading up to the World Cup was something incredible and I’m so glad we got our a’s into gear and bought tickets in advance, so that we got to attend so many games. We bought tickets for ourselves, my folks and our nanny’s 3 sons so all in all it wasn’t a cheap exercise but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. While we were watching the final last Sunday, I was almost sorry that we didn’t try and organise to go to that game. At the England vs Slovenia game I sat next to an Englishman and by that stage he’d been to quite a few of the stadiums (incl. CT) and I asked him which stadium was the best and he said, “Soccer City although this one is pretty good,” (think that was for my benefit). I think our stadium is awesome but I haven’t been to any others and I really do think that Soccer City is incredible and the atmosphere must have been spectacular.

But, back to this ache in my heart. To have all these people from all over the world here in SA, everyone wearing their soccer shirts on a Friday, that awesome vibe that gripped the whole city on any of the match days. I don’t think I’ll ever experience something like that ever again, unless we go ourselves to watch a world cup somewhere else and I can’t see that happening. I would love to go to a Cricket World Cup as I’m actually not much of a soccer fan but have been known to wake up at all hours of the night to watch cricket.

You know when you were still at school or University and it was the end of the Christmas holidays and you just wanted to rewind the time till it was the first day of the holiday again. Well, today was the first Friday since the World Cup and I wished I could have rewound time right back until the 11 June. Oh but this time around Mexico never equalised, we didn’t lose  so badly to those a$$holes from Uraguay and so got through to the next round and Ghana managed to convert that penalty when that loser (from Uraguay) stopped the ball going into the net. One more quick thing. I have never had even the slightest desire to go to South America, it has absolutely no appeal to me, no idea why not. I didn’t want any South American country to win the World Cup and my feelings are stronger now than they ever were before (thanks to our friends from Uraguay) I have been to Belize on holiday but I think that’s part of Central America.


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