I know I said wouldn’t go on and on about what an awesome place PE is. The ones that live here know it’s the best place to live, that’s why they’re here and the rest just think it’s windy and ugly which of course it isn’t. I lived in Cape Town for 8 years (from my 2nd year as a student in Bellville and then for 5 years while Chris specialised) and let me tell you something, Cape Town IS windier than PE, it’s just prettier so no one comments so much about it. Chris’s folks stay in Simonstown, high up on the hill overlooking the whole of False Bay and there have been times when we’ve stayed with them that I was convinced the roof was going to blow away and it can go on like that for days and days. We stayed in Simonstown for about 4 months when we got back from the UK and it was the windiest summer of my life.

Not sure how I even got onto this subject but today (now yesterday) was yet another perfect day here. Not a breath of wind and 27 degrees, yes, wow indeed. I dropped Zoe at school and then left Ava with Joyce and took the dogs for a run. Chris says that I am very lucky and have no right to ever complain about my day if I can go for a run at 8.45am, while most of the rest of the world works. There were actually loads of people also walking or running, so guess they’re also very lucky. But, that’s also not what I wanted to say. Since the Knysna Half Marathon I have been feeling great while running. You know how when sometimes you just feel sluggish and like you can’t find any rhythm, well that’s what I felt like just before the race but since the race, it’s been awesome and it makes me want to run every day. Not sure how I’ll manage a run today as Zoe’s here and it’s swimming, must do a grocery shop and then playdate this afternoon. Oh, and a church meeting from 5.30-6.30pm??? What kind of a crazy, inconvenient time is that??? Better not moan too much seeing that it is a church meeting. With my new-found rhythym the dogs were seriuosly struggling to keep up and kept lagging behind much to my frustration.

Chris and I have been toying with the idea of doing the Two Oceans Marathon next year, the full one but when I was running the Knynsa Half, I realised that I’d have to do significantly more training. My legs were tired towards the end and that is a relatively easy race, although the downhills are quite tough on one’s legs. It’s quite a juggle for both of us to train as, although we have a running pram that can fit both girls in, it is rather heavy now that their combined weight is over 25 kg. There is also only so long that Ava is willing to be in the pram happily, Zoe doesn’t mind in the least but Ava is quite a feisty little one. Take this morning as an example. I was giving her her bottle when she choked a bit and started coughing. She then got so mad that she screamed and kicked her legs for at least 10 minutes. This temper is a new thing but don’t think it will be going away anytime soon. She is honestly the friendliest, happiest baby but if something sets her off, then just beware. She already stands there stamping her feet or lies down on the ground kiccking her legs and then all of a sudden, it’s all over and she starts laughing again. Zoe never threw tantrums, well maybe once or twice but I guess no one was ever going to get lucky enough to have 2 children that like to follow the rule book.

I started this post last night and I’m still busy so if it comes across a little disjointed, that’s why. Today would you believe is another perfect day, no wind and 26 degrees. We all took the dogs for a walk – Ava in the pram and Zoe on her bike. I was not prepared for a beach stop-off, but it was just too divine not to have a little play at the pond (a small tidal pool at the end of Pollock Beach – our closest beach). Zoe went down in a long-sleeved T- shirt and her panties, it wasn’t too long before her rolled up sleeves have rolled down again and she’s wet – T-shirt and panties. Ava had nothing on as I had no spare clothes for her, except for a spare nappy. They had such a ball, in particular the dogs who just love the tidal pool for some reason. Once again, I had to remind myself what a special time in my life this is. There was no rush, nowhere we had to be, it was a perfect day and we could just have fun. I have to write about this because this is my diary and one day I can look back and see that on a Tuesday morning in July we spent a very precious hour having lots of fun on the beach and in the water. Soon they’ll both be at school and we won’t be able to spend hours like that together in the middle of the week when it just happens to be a perfect day in the middle of winter. I’m only sad that Chris couldn’t be with us to enjoy it. Zoe rode her bike home just in her jeans – no panties and her short-sleeved vest. Ava’s clothes were fortunately still dry, it was just a bit of a struggle to get the sand off her bum!


3 Responses to “Running”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I wish I lived closer to the beach. That is the one thing I really miss about living in Jozi… the beach!

  2. Nisey Says:

    in a perfect world i’d live in durban, near the beach. i’m as biased about durban as you are about pe… somehow being a binnelander just never suited me!
    fingers crossed that ava’s tantrums don’t escalate – they really are not a fun thing to have to deal with!

  3. samcy Says:

    I’m green with envy. Am hoping to find my running stride soon – am battling way too much in finding it 😉


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