Wonderful news

My younger brother and his wife are expecting another baby. Their daughter, Lara, is one of Zoe’s favourite people in the whole world, the only sad thing is that they live in Cape Town. They went for their 12/13 week fetal assessment scan yesterday and all is well with baby #2. My SIL commented about how nervous she was before the scan, more so than with the first baby and I completely agree. I was convinced there was something wrong with Ava (why my beta HCG’s had been so wonky and I’d had all the bleeding). So, firstly we are very grateful and thrilled that so far all is well with their second little girl. So, now in SA my parents will have 4 little grand daughters, how cool is that. My brother overseas has one of each, so poor Ollie is all alone on his Wood side of the family (fortunately my other SIL has 2 nephews so he has some boy cousins in Aus). Can you just imagine the fun the 4 of them are going to have. I was kind of hoping for a boy just so that I could get a feel for what little boys are like, but he’d probably have felt a little left out and now I’m just so excited it’s another girl.  Ava can now have her own special cousin just like Zoe.

Although they live in CT we do see quite a bit of them as we obviously go to CT to visit Chris’s folks and they come here to visit my parents (and us of course).

I’ve also decided that exercise is a bit like having children. Just when you brag about how well your children sleep, they like to remind you how it feels to be sleep deprived and now yesterday I go and brag about how good I’m feeling while running and today I had an awful run. My heart rate stayed high and I just felt like I couldn’t get going. Maybe I pushed it a bit too hard the other day or maybe’s it’s got to do with a certain monthly visitor. I’ll just keep my mouth shut from now on.

Ooo, in other very exciting news… I’m making my first ever pumpkin pie. I saw the recipe in Home magazine and thought I’d give it a go – it’s made with mashed butternut, eggs, sugar, cream, milk, flour and baking powder. Rats I just remembered I was supposed to sprinkle cinnamon on top and didn’t. Let me dash and do that as it must bake for an hour (it’s been in about 30 minutes so hope it’s still okay).


3 Responses to “Wonderful news”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Firstly… congratulations Auntie Katherine! 🙂
    As for the exercise being like children thing.. well I experienced something similar yesterday, after commenting what a wonderful sleeper Ava is, she promptly woke up 4 times last night and I’m exhausted today!

    The pumpkin pie sounds DIVINE!

    • zamom Says:

      The pumpkin pie is divine, I think. Zoe agrees and ate 2 helpings but Ava spat it out. Hope today goes by quickly and tonight she’s back to normal.

  2. samcy Says:

    Congratulations to you and your brother 🙂 What an awesome addition to the family 🙂


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