Imagine this

You’re at the shops – Pick ‘n Pay, Woolies, Spar, wherever. You handover your credit card, it gets swiped, out comes the slip with your name at the bottom, you sign it BUT the money never goes off your account. How cool would that be but imagine you’re the poor sod with that credit card machine. My husband is that lucky sod. We have just realised that a whole lot of credit card payments that have been processed over the past month have just never gone through. It’s probably about R20 000 so not too much but still, we’ve got the slips which say approved and they look EXACTLY like other slips that have gone through. The main reason we picked it up is that a lady had to pay over R10 000 for some cosmetic procedure and I keep an eye on those payments and both myself and the lady herself realised it had never gone through. She then came back in to do the payment again and it didn’t work AGAIN. Now hopefully the bookkeeper would’ve eventually realised the problem as well  although she had already issued receipts for some of the payments based on the credit card slips. It’s quite hard to just look at the bank statement and work out what money has gone in as they just lump any payments that go through in one batch together, so if she had to wait to check on the bank statement then one wouldn’t always know whose money it was. And anyway, who would ever expect that the machine isn’t actually registering things. How can it generate a slip with the card number, approved and say call successful and then still not process the payment????

We realised there was a major problem last night, so instead of running once I dropped Zoe at school, I woke up and ran at 6.45am (hope you’re impressed), then after dropping Zoe at school I dropped Ava with my mom as I needed to sort this issue out and there’s no way I get stuff done with Ava around and it doesn’t help to have Joyce as she knows I’m home and keeps coming to find me.

So, I phoned Absa (it’s an Absa machine) and wait forever, eventually get through to a fairly on-the-ball lady, Zelda who confirms that the payments never got through to them but it becomes obvious that I need to phone her and have the machine with me. Quick drive to Chris’s rooms at St Georges (at least it’s only about 10 minutes away) and wait forever again to get through. Finally get hold of a less clued up lady who thankfully puts me back on to Zelda after a little while. The machine seems to be working now again and I had to fax through copies of the slips that weren’t processed to be processed again. She said that the money should appear in the account next week. So we wait and see but now I must obviously double-check that all the credit and debit card payments do actually reflect in the bank account. What a pain. I honestly had no idea stuff like this could happen, I mean yes, if the slip indicates that something was unsuccessful or rejected or whatever but how can the slip look 100% like one that did go through? The machine is 3G linked so it’s not reliant on a telephone line or anything like that and surely then it should say transaction unsuccessful. Oh well, you live and learn. Something like this is enough to put Chris in a very foul mood, so thank goodness I seemed to have hopefully got it sorted.


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