Test drives

Saturday morning Chris, Zoe and myself went test driving cars – a Toyota Fortuner and a Pajero Sport. I usually don’t ever test drive but you’ll be very proud of me, I actually drove both of them (a little bit). Both are very nice, very similar cars, I prefer the interior of the Fortuner but the Pajero Sport is automatic which is nice and the 4X4 diesel Fortuner doesn’t come in automatic, so one cannot actually compare them directly. I’ve never driven a bakkie but Chris said that it does have the feel of driving a bakkie (I can’t imagine he’s driven many bakkies but anyway). He now wants to test drive a Discovery to see whether a proper 4X4 is very different to these vehicles that are based on a bakkie chassis. If the Discovery is much nicer (which I’m sure it might be) then I’m not quite sure what we’ll do. I really can’t imagine spending over R500 000  on a car when the one I have is actually 100% okay and there is actually so much other stuff that I’d like to be doing – with our house in particular and then there is our ski trip of course. I can’t see us getting much change out of R60 000 and that’s quite a lot of money to spend on a 10 day holiday. It’s probably the equivalent of my annual salary when I first started working (could even be more than that I can’t really remember). As I said, there is quite a lot of stuff I could do with that money but, Chris is desperate to go and so I’ve left the decision up to him and whatever he decides (I’m pretty sure it will be to go) then I will not mention the money again. It’s odd because he’s usually the more cautious one when it comes to spending money.

We had quite a Friday night – out for dinner with friends which was great – it’s a group of 4 couples and we try and go to a different place every month or so. We got back at about 11.30pm and I suppose got into bed at about midnight. I’d had a headache lurking all day but stupidly never took anything for it. It was pretty bad by the time we got home so I did take 2 Grandpa’s.  Someone who will remain nameless had finished all the myprodols without telling me or writing it on the shopping list. My head was throbbing and just as we got into bed Ava woke up and didn’t settle properly until just before 2am!!!!! OMW, Chris tried at first and as soon as one goes into her room, she stops crying but just as you get back into bed and are starting to fall asleep (except for me because my head was so blinking sore) she cries again. Repeat this whole scenario who knows how many times and my head is still killing me, so I took a Grandpa powder and was close to sending Chris in to work to get something stronger. By this stage Chris is mad (I’m feeling nauseous because my head is so sore) and he is keen to just close her door and leave her but I know that she just gets furious and wakes herself up even more ( I’d taken over trying to settle her quite early on in the whole process). Eventually we gave her some Stopayne and she fell asleep. This morning I actually had to wake her up at 7.30am and she didn’t make a peep all night!!! I think something must have been sore as she did get quite a hard knock on her head on Friday afternoon (she has a big bruise to show for the dive she did off our bed onto the bedside table), so maybe she also had a bad headache like her mom. That’s what I told Chris when he was getting so cross on Friday night (Saturday morning actually) and why I finally gave her some medicine – must really learn to try medicine sooner.  Chris bought some seriously powerful painkillers on Saturday (handy when you can write out scripts) which are safely stowed in the cupboard.

I’m a bit nervous as this week we are out on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and Chris has his day in Cape Town cutting up bodies on Thursday. I’m feeling a little guilty for abusing my parents so much but they keep telling us anytime. I’m mostly nervous because I find all this socialising quite exhausting and just now Ava feels all left out again and wants to party from 12 -2am again!! This is weird though, the thing on Friday night is actually a wine-tasting evening at one of the local churches (the NG Kerk in fact)??? Am I the only one that finds that a little odd – an NG kerk having a wine-tasting as a fund raiser. Chris is giving that one a skip (well I haven’t even told him yet but don’t think he’ll be keen as he’s not the chit-chat small-talk type) and I’m going with a friend. I usually blog in the evenings, so if I’m a bit quiet this week you know why.


4 Responses to “Test drives”

  1. Sharon Says:

    We bought a Fortuner a couple of months back and its awesome but its not a great “mom’s car if you have a small baby ie still rear facing because you can’t switch the front passenger airbag off so you can’t have your baby in front and the seatbelts are too short to have a baby rear facing in a car seat at the back.
    And Chris is right … it does drive like a bakkie. When Walter first bought it I wanted to drive it all the time because it was nice and high but I quickly realized that it was bouncy like a bakkie and that my car was a far more powerful and comfortable drive.

    I have a sneaky suspicion you’re going to fall in love with the Land Rover. STUNNING car!

    • zamom Says:

      Thanks for your input. Fortunately my rear-seat facing days are over but I will be the one driving it. My parents have done long trips in Fortuners and Discoveries and say you cannot even compare, so I have my suspicions as well but then we’ll probably have to wait a year or so to get it.

  2. Invivo Says:

    Have done test drive with Fortuner, felt very loose on the road, but affordability does make it an attractive alternative. Discovery got very good reviews all round and drives like a dream. Have yet to find fault with the car. Not as responsive as a sedan, but extremely powerful, comfortable and spacious. Benefit is that you will be happy driving a Discovery for many more years than a Fortuner as they don’t date as fast and hold their value quite well.

    • zamom Says:

      Thanks for the input. We’re going to try a Discovery this weekend and if it’s a yes, then I’ll just have to keep the Scenic for another year I think. Seeing the accountant tomorrow so will see what he says!

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