Am I always going to be a half-empty person

I am a perfectionist by nature. I thrive on order and everything running smoothly. I start to stress when things go wrong and I usually over react. Fortunately I married someone that is the complete opposite, he is as calm as could be in a stressful situation and never gets upset and is able to behave rationally. He never raises his voice or panics and never worries about anything. I wish I was more like him but I’m not. Thank goodness he’s the surgeon and I’m not. An example of this calmness was when we were on holiday and our friends’ little boy threw up in the car. We stopped on the side of the N2 and my job was to watch the girls while he cleaned up their little boy and then proceeded to clean up the car as well – he even found some baby powder (we keep it handy for removing sand off little beach-going bodies) to throw all over so that there wasn’t too much of a vomit smell. What an angel he is.

Today was a good day, I went for a run as soon as Joyce arrived, got back, had a 5 minute shower and got Zoe to school at 1 minute to 9am. Did a quick Pick ‘n Pay shop then did the admin stuff I needed to do in between playing with Ava. Zoe and I had some lovely cuddle time while Ava was sleeping and then we all went off down to the beach (yes, you guessed it another perfect day here today). We met my mom and her little pony dog, Kohl, there. Kohl harassed 2 little dogs and kept interrupting a game of soccer a group of guys were having on the beach by stealing the ball until he had to be put on the lead and he then proceeded to keep knocking Ava over, by accident. All 4 of my kids were absolutely angelic! Anyway, point of this whole story. The tap for our borehole is near our gate so we usually wash our feet with that tap when we get back from the beach. I opened the tap and no water came out. Oops, panic, has the water dried up? Now, our borehole is fairly complicated as it is our borehole but we give water to our neighbours. It gets pumped from our borehole into a tank on their property and their pump runs both our and their irrigation systems. Oh man, was that enough to totally ruin my day. I am trying to be all calm and relaxed but inside my mind is thinking a million different things and I admit that immediately I wasn’t as patient with the kids. Chris got home , turned on the tap and water poured out so, problem solved, but who knows what the problem was when I tried (I didn’t just try the once, it was over a period of about an hour that I kept testing to see if there was water or not). Because that tap is supplied by their tank (that’s what Chris says although I’m not so sure) perhaps their pump was switched off or something like that. The irrigation system did come on tonight and I could hear the water spraying, so let’s just hope it was some simple thing like that.With the amount of stuff we have brewing on the horizon, I certainly don’t need issues (cars, skiing holidays,etc.) like a dried-up borehole.

How’s this for crazy. So, Friday night we land up having about 5 hours sleep with all Ava’s antics and then Saturday night we were in bed soon after 9pm and only woke after 7am. Sunday morning Chris complains that we need a new mattress as his body is sore after sleeping for so long (I reckon he’s just getting old). Not the type to procrastinate, straight after church we’re off to the appliance/mattress/furniture store and order a new one. At the same time we spot the SMEG oven that we both want one day when we redo our kitchen. It says it’s on special for R13 000. Chris says I must buy it????? Our initial renovations will include changing and improving our boundary walls, removing the 2 bed flatlet in our garden, changing our patio, putting in a pool and possibly adding an extra garage. The next set of renovations (most likely only in about 5 years time) will include relocating and re-doing the kitchen and a whole list of stuff as long as my arm. Why would anyone buy an oven 5 years in advance, even if it is on special? Chris tells me that if I don’t buy it now, then that will be my oven “budget” when we do eventually redo the kitchen???

Friends of ours are busy building a house and have the exact same oven, so I phoned and asked her what they’d paid – R13 000 (what kind of a special is that then). They landed up buying the oven more than a year ago as they were told the price was going up and it just never has, so there goes any urgency to buy the oven. But, darn it, it got me thinking. We have a normal Defy built-in oven and a gas hob (which we installed after we moved in). This new oven is a free-standing electric oven, gas hob that is 900mm wide (not 600mm like our current one) so, we’d have to cut out a piece of granite and remove a set of drawers and a top cupboard. The thing is, although our kitchen isn’t massive, our cupboards aren’t nearly full and it would only take a very little bit of re-arranging to make up for the lost cupboards. We’d then get a piece of maroony-red glass as a splash back (to match our outrageously extravagant fridge that we bought when we moved in). Sorry, I still haven’t learnt how to do a link so I’ll just have to show you a photo.  So, now I’m no longer curtain and blind shopping, we’ll just have to live with them a bit longer. My new mission is operation SMEG oven. Not only is Chris a very talented plastic surgeon but he is brilliant at doing cupboards, so it’ll be dead easy for him to do the changes we need done, just not sure when he’ll find the time.

Not a great photo but this is our fridge - a whole lot of cupboards had to be removed to fit this in as well.


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