Very tired

Our new mattress arrived on Tuesday and OMW, it is sooooo firm. I hardly slept, what a nightmare. I was so furious with Chris as who gets to sleep more than 8 hours a night (on a regular basis) in this day and age anyway. It’s only after a very long sleep that the mattress started to bother him. I phoned the shop and they said I must try it for a week. A WEEK. You have got to be kidding me, I wasn’t planning to spend another night on it. The one issue was that when we went there on Sunday they were in the middle of a massive sale and so we couldn’t really test any of the mattresses. Officially we need a foam mattress as we have a wooden bed with slats at the bottom. I was even prepared to buy a sprung mattress but the one’s I tried felt too soft and if they felt soft to me, what would my dear bed mate have to say (or his very stiff 34 year old body). They then loaned me a piece of egg-box foam to put on top, which I tried last night and it was better. Well, I did sort-of sleep except that we went out to a dinner last night (sponsored by some pathologists) so ate and drank pretty well and I can’t be 100% sure it really was enough of an improvement. The other problem is that this mattress is much thicker than our previous one, plus now the egg-box foam and so I think the bed is dangerously high. Not for us but Ava has already fallen off the bed twice and I can’t be sure it won’t happen again. She is lightening fast and both times I’ve been with her on the bed when it’s happened. The piece of egg-box foam that they loaned me was only a single bed size and so today I went and fetched the proper one for our bed. Chris is all for me sending the mattress back (and buying the SMEG oven of course) but I feel bad as I’ve promised the old mattress to Joyce.

Because our kids sleep well at night we don’t go to bed very early (generally not before 10.30pm or 11pm) and then as soon as one adds in a few social events when one gets to bed after 12 and the fortunately very occasional bad night thanks to Ava, it doesn’t leave much opportunity for catching up on sleep. So that’s where I’m at, oh and the blinking mattress which meant Tuesday night was a right off. Tonight I should really go to bed early but I like to watch Brothers and Sisters and CSI NY and I know I could PVR them, but because of having something on tomorrow night and Saturday night I might as well just watch them. Saturday morning there’s a 10km race which Chris and I are both going to do. I really want to beat him but I’m just not sure. His last 10km race time was 47 minutes (that equals the best I’ve ever done and it was quite a long time ago). I think he ran that race in April, so a while ago but still, we’ll have to see. He’s quite into trail running now and there’s a trail run just outside of PE on Sunday so maybe he’ll do that instead.


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