Good or bad news I’m not sure

Definite good news is that I ran the 10km (Chris didn’t) and I ran a 48.20. I really wanted to do a 47 minute but am pleased with my time and I managed to keep a fairly constant pace. Next weekend is a Heartbreak Hill 21.1km which I might be doing, but at about the 8km mark today I didn’t feel very keen for a 21.1km again. Chris is doing a trail run tomorrow morning at Woodridge School (it’s a private boarding school about 40minutes from PE) so that’s why he didn’t run today.

The bad news is that we test drove a Discovery and I’m afraid to say that is just in a whole different class to the Fortuner. It was unbelievable and I’m afraid that the Fortuner is just not going to be good enough. We probably should never have gone as it’s at least R200 000 more and we really can’t afford it now. So, plan now is to go skiing, then hopefully by then Chris will know what’s going on with his government job and whther he’ll be going fully private or been given a promotion. If he goes fully private then it will cost a bit for him to set up his own rooms (he shares at the moment) and so not a good idea to be buying ridiculously expensive cars. I’ll be honest, I always disliked 4X4’s intensely as they were so big and unnecessary but today was the first day I think I’ve ever driven in a Discovery and I liked it, a lot. There is also stuff we want to do to our house next year(an ever lengthening list), so once that’s done, we’ll have a look around at cars again. In the meantime I’ll get mine properly cleaned and hopefully enough people will talk enough sense into us that we should only be thinking of cars like that when our house is paid off.

Our accountant has a Fortuner, because it’s such good value for money but I have a sneaky suspicion he didn’t test drive a Discovery 4 as it’s definitely not value for money but it is significantly nicer to drive.

Must dash, have a very exciting 15 year anniversary dinner for some bunch of GP’s to look forward to. Yippee, not, all I want to do is go to sleep.


One Response to “Good or bad news I’m not sure”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hehehe! Yep I suspected that would happen. I’m not sure why a Fortuner is seen as a Mom’s car because its very much a work horse!
    The Disco is AWESOME!

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