Change of plans, again.

Quick weekend recap – totally awesome and exhausting. Last night’s function was actually great. It was at a venue a little way out of town but up on a hill so it looked out over the whole of PE (never knew such places existed). The food was superb and there was brilliant entertainment from a group known as Centrestage. They are responsible for a lot of the contemporary shows (U2, Sultans of Rock, Abba,etc.) that are done here in PE and they were brilliant. At the end of the evening we even got to dance while they were singing such cool songs. Another 11.30pm home time though. Chris did his trail run this morning and enjoyed it. This afternoon I was very tired and lazy (and in a horrendously bad mood according to Chris) but we’d arranged to meet friends at the beach. The husband is an excellent paddler (surfski, canoe, etc.) and the wife also does it but she’s just getting fit again after having had a second baby. They are planning to do the Fish River Canoe Marathon in about 2 months time (85km in 2 days!!). Okay, so Chris has been out paddling (surfski) with Howard before and today was another perfect day so Howard took Chris out in their double again. Then, I had a turn with Howard and it was so much fun. One does wobble a bit but Howard is brilliant, so he kept us upright and we went out through the surf (a bit nerve-wrecking) and then we caught some waves!!! Can you believe it, just like surfing. One (well, Howard) has to paddle like crazy when you spot a wave and then once we caught it I was convinced the boat would nose-dive but it didn’t and we rode it for ages, almost back to the shore, passed all the surfers. One then has to turn around and get out to sea again but we only had a wave crash over us once (didn’t fall out). It was such a bonus going with Howard as he’s so fit and experienced that we could really surf the waves as one is supposed to do. If we had to do it (as Chris is planning) then it would take me a very long time to get the confidence to go out to sea on my own and then try and catch waves. At this stage I think Chris should start to do it and then once he’s good, perhaps we can go together. Howard is always happy to go out with people so I’m sure I could have a ride every now and agin (when conditions are perfect). Another incredible thing is that we went down after 3pm and just paddled in our costumes and it wasn’t at all cold (the water or air). There wasn’t any wind so the sea was perfectly flat but there was some surf /waves so pretty ideal conditions for my first time. Such an invigorating experience and it was just what I needed to sort out my bad mood and laziness. It’s weekends like this that I know why we live in PE, what a place. When I go for a run, it takes me 3 minutes to get to the Lifesaving club at Pollock Beach where they all store their surfski’s and paddle from, so there’s really no excuse for us not to take it up.

The change of plans is once again to do with our renovations. The architect is coming on Wednesday but we’re thinking of  possibly waiting a little bit so that we can rather do everything together as opposed to in 2 phases. Doing the renovations sooner rather than later will mean a bit of a delay on the Discovery front but I think it is far more important to invest in one’s house that will at least increase in value and not in a car that just loses value.


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