Guess winter passed us by

Most of you probably know that PE (and a lot of the Southern Cape) is in the middle of a severe drought. We really, really need rain but absolutely nothing is forthcoming. We are just having day after day of the most incredible weather, which is great as we get to go to the beach and play outside everyday, but not good for our dams. There hasn’t even been any wind lately, so the weather is actually even better than summer really as it’s just perfectly warm (mid twenties) and not a breath of wind.

Usually I run in the mornings, either pretty early just after 6 or at 8 when Joyce arrives. There are always quite a few people walking or running but last evening we went running at 5pm. Chris had the pram with both girls and the dogs, poor thing and I ran a bit further so fortunately got to go alone. I was astonished by the huge number of people walking, cycling, running, rollerblading,etc. It felt like a Sunday afternoon and I almost felt a bit sad that I don’t run at that time more often. I had the most awesome run as well. I did my “hilly” run (as hilly as one can do in Summerstrand) and it usually takes me about 51 minutes and I did it in 48 minutes!!! Pretty good. Saturday there’s a half marathon called Heartbreak Hill and Chris and I are both doing it as I’ve asked Joyce to sleep over on Friday night and then she can babysit in the morning while we run. I have challenged Chris to see who will win. Bit stupid on my part as I’m not very good with hills and he’s just done the Knysna Marathon so did lots of hill training for that. My best half marathon time is 1h47min and his is 1h43min so I reckon I don’t really stand a chance.

I read a very depressing article the other day. It was in the Runner’s World and by Bruce Fordyce. It was titled, “How I lost 13kg” I think. I was so hoping it would say how he’d stopped running and then started again and the weight just fell off but no such luck. Basically he bumped into a running friend after not seeing him for a while and this guy had lost weight so he asked him how and the reply was no bread, no sugar and all the usual crap. So, he (Bruce) changed his diet – think it was only 1 sugar in his tea, low GI bread, no seconds, no junk food and he lost the weight. Well done, Bruce. But how sad is that, you’re Bruce blinking Fordyce and you have to watch what you eat (and he still runs lots)? Old age is a bugger is all I can say. I mean if he has to watch what he eats what hope is there for me? I know I only have about 3kg to lose but they just don’t seem to be going anywhere. Chris says I look much firmer but I want the scale to show a difference and it’s very frustrating. I admit that I don’t watch what I eat and too many playdates and recent socialising has meant lots of extra wine,biscuits, cake and puddings but that seems to be what our life is going to be like. I drink too much tea (no sugar but I only buy full cream milk as that’s what the girls need and I refuse to buy different milk) and not enough water and eat loads of fruit and not enough veggies. Too much red meat and not enough fish which is crazy as both girls LOVE fish and there’s a brilliant fish shop at the harbour but because it’s not at Woolies or Pick ‘n Pay I always forget to stop there. I must go and join the gym this week, but I really don’t know when I’m going to fit it in unless I go just before 6am and then I’ll have to start going to bed earlier. I think one needs to go 10 or 12 times a month for it to be free (well, after you’ve paid the R140 to Multiply).

In more depressing news, Chris told me this morning that the type of fat (can’t remember the exact words he used) which one gets in your love handles and saddle-bags is a different type of fat to other places and because of it’s composition it is extremely difficult to get rid of. Yay. That leads me to my next question, when can you do some liposuction? I then get the usual sales pitch answer, the results aren’t great, one needs to wear a pressure garment for 6 weeks 24 hours a day and then day or night for another 6 weeks, no exercise for at least 2 weeks and preferably 6 weeks. I would have to have it done under local anaesthetic (because then it’s free) which he firstly doesn’t think I can handle (thanks a lot) and that means I can only have one area done (love handles or saddle bags) and he says if I have my love handles done (the bit that bothers me the most) then it will emphasise the saddlebags (which don’t bother me/ I don’t think are too bad). I am surprised he has any patients at all if he is this good a salesman.

I mentioned to a friend that literally lives about 200m from us about our surfskiing and she said that if we’re keen then perhaps we can buy a double surfski together. We each have 2 girls (exactly the same age) so could even take turns babysitting. The only snag is that her husband is very tall and Chris isn’t, he’s 1,75m and this guy is close to 1,9m. Howard did say that the new surfski’s are adjustable but we’ll just have to check by how much as 15 cm might be pushing it a bit.


3 Responses to “Guess winter passed us by”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Katherine, the bit about the lipo almost made me faint! Oh my heaves, I’ve seen your pictures on face book and you look positively gorgeous! I have a friend who had a boob job under local anesthesia, I almost past out when she told me about that but LIPO under LOCAL? You are either insane or .. or.. no you’re just insane! 🙂

  2. darylfaure Says:

    Where oh where do you get all this energy my friend! I am in awe, and if you even consider liposuction I will just have to shoot you. You have an amazing figure for a mother of two and are obviously working hard to keep it looking good. Hope you have a great run this weekend and give Chris a good run for his money.

  3. zamom Says:

    I’m actually way too scared but it is tempting when it’s free.

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