Drama queen

This morning Ava slept a bit late and while I was giving her a bottle, Chris was “supervising” Zoe’s dressing. What transpired is partly my fault as Ava doesn’t have great cupboards in her room (no hanging place) so I’ve left all the dresses hanging in Zoe’s cupboard. Zoe has fairly recently started choosing which clothes she wants to wear and this morning she decided on a dress. Chris had to get the dress out of the cupboard for her as she cannot reach and it is fairly obvious which are new dresses (the longer ones) and old ones. She then proceeded to put on a dress which was indecently short. She is very skinny so it actually fitted her top half fine but because she’s so tall, it barely covered her panties. I flipped and Chris kept telling her how pretty she looked, making her even more determined to wear the dress. Never mind that it was a sleeveless summer dress and although the weather is warm, it is still August for goodness sake. With Zoe in tears Chris leaves for work for me to deal with the mess (and pretty p’d off at me for not allowing her to just wear the dress). I then look at the dress’s label and it says 12 -18 months!!!! Zoe is a tall 3 and a half year old (105,5cm to be correct). I think of Ava as short but according to her chart she’s just above the 75th percentile for height and she’s 79cm. That means the dress Zoe was wearing was about 25cm too short for her – can you picture what it looked like. You’d think a dad would be more conservative about what they let their little girl wear but he doesn’t like confrontation and the fact that he was already late for work didn’t help either. I managed to calm her down by telling her that we would just have to go to Naartjie (it was a Naartjie dress that she’d chosen to wear) and buy her a new dress after swimming. Naartjie didn’t actually have any dresses but she chose a gorgeous Hello Kitty one and another red spotty one at Edgars. I never go into Edgars but was so pleasantly surprised. They have such nice kiddies clothing as the kids stuff at Woolies is just not what it used to be (apalling colours and styles in my opinion). I landed up buying quite a few things there and will definitely start to shop there more often as if we’re to afford all our renovations and the “Disco” then my Naartjie shopping days should probably come to an end.


2 Responses to “Drama queen”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Wait… back up… Naartjie stock Hello Kitty???? I am a Hello Kitty addict! Where where where?? As I type this I ‘m sitting in the office in a pair of jeans with a Hello Kitty T-shirt on and my Ava is at home in her very own Hello Kitty outfit… details please!!!

  2. zamom Says:

    No, it’s Edgars that has all the Helo Kitty stuff, not Naartjie. I didn’t look in the baby section though only from 2 years upwards but thay have lots of stuff in that age group. Ava did get a Hello Kitty bag for when she starts school (which is in more than a year’s time but just now I can’t find one then).

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