Bad news I’m afraid, Chris beat me by 2min and 20 seconds. It was a very tough half marathon and he is way better with hills than I am. Last weekend he did a 10km trail run which had some very steep hills and he also did lots of hills when training for the Knysna marathon. I am not fond of hills and because of where we live, don’t get to train on many hills either. If I ever want to do Two Oceans I will have to start doing hills and join up at the gym so I can strengthen my legs a bit. For such a tough half marathon we actually did pretty well I think. Chris did a 1h 49min and I did 1h 52min 20 seconds. The first 13 km’s were okay, gentle up and downs but then from the 13km until the 17 km mark there were 2 hills – one short and a bit steep and one that just went on and on and on. At about the 18km mark there was another little heartbreaker and after that my legs were rather finished so I couldn’t really push the last few km’s. Now I know why it’s called the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon.

We ran together until the second long hill and it was actually so nice. The only other time that I can remember running with Chris was my first ever marathon, The Cape Town Marathon, many years ago. So many years ago in fact that I can’t for the life of me remember which year it even was. That time we ran the whole way together. Not sure what the next running goal is. I guess it should probably be a marathon. PE has some lovely fast, flat marathons – one of which I’ve done before and ran my best time – a 3h 55min which beats Chris’s best marathon time by a full 25 minutes. He found a training program in the latest Runner’s World which will enable you to run a sub 4 hour marathon, so I think my record may be in jeopardy.

We then had a lovely breakfast at a great place near the Pier – La Vella and have just come back from a walk with the dogs. Kohl, the pony, is spending the weekend with us and he is not very well-behaved but he does have a lovely personality (i’m being serious). Our two are such spoilt brats and they mope around the whole time that Kohl is here as I think he pesters them quite a lot (spends a good deal of his day trying to take Rolo’s collar off) and is just generally very boisterous. We happened to run past the Sardinia Bay Kennels this morning and the racket was unbelievable. I hope it was just all the runners that set them off and I presume they’re pretty full over the long weekend but I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near them. There are smallholdings out there so one isn’t too close to one’s neighbours but one would have to stay pretty far away not to hear that noise. Kohl should be grateful he’s not spending the weekeend there. My mom has promised that he’s going to go to school before he comes to stay for 29 days when they go to the USA at the end of the year. Joyce will be on leave and she has to vaccuum every day because of our dogs so just imagine how I’ll be spending my summer with 3 large dogs around!

At lunchtime Chris had to go and tie off some skin tags on a newborn baby’s face. They are actually tiny remnants of the ear that are left behind as the ear migrates while the baby is still an embryo. They are always found along the same embryonic line and actually contain little bits of cartilage as well as skin. He just tied them off using suture material but the baby will need a little op at about 6 months or a year just to remove the tiny bits of cartilage as one would otherwise be able to feel them. 10% of babies that have this also have kidney problems but the baby had a scan this morning and his kidneys seem fine. Just to illustrate what a small place PE is, the dad of the baby was at school with my younger brother. Chris doesn’t ever tell me the names of his patients but I heard him on the phone asking about baby Ackerman and I then said that Richard was friends with a Justin Ackerman who did indeed turn out to be the father. Anyway, I found it pretty interesting (the whole skin tag – ear story). It does amaze me how much embryology and anatomy plastic surgeons have to know as most of the stuff they correct in babies is stuff that’s gone a little (or sometimes a lot) wrong during the baby’s development and obviously one must know exactly what should have happened if one’s to fix things that aren’t quite right.

Ava woke up at 5.30am the other day and Chris asked whether he should fetch some Stopayne??? Now, usually both girls wake up at 7am or after but giving Stopayne at 5am did seem like a rather silly suggestion and I made very clear what I thought about the suggestion. Chris’s pet hate is if one speaks disrespectfully or in a nasty voice and it is a very bad habit of mine that I over react and have a tendancy to not always speak nicely and respectfully (I don’t swear though). I told him that it was a very stupid suggestion or that he was very stupid to make such a suggestion, can’t quite remember and he was very cross with me. After telling me all about the ear thing, he tells me, “Not bad for a stupid guy, hey!!” Point taken, I will try and speak nicely to my husband at all times (no matter how stupid the comment or suggestion).


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