My mom always told me that I only started speaking when I was 2 and a half and it was always a bit of a joke. I apparently started speaking in sentences straight away though. In my defence I did have an older brother about 2 and a half years older than me and another one 14 months younger than me. She also says that I was potty trained at 18 months. Now just how you potty train a child that doesn’t speak I have no idea, so who knows what the real facts are. Chris speaks Afrikaans to the girls and we (Chris and I) speak English to each other, so they do hear a lot more English than Afrikaans. Because I started speaking later and the fact that she was exposed to 2 languages I just presumed that Zoe might also start speaking later. She didn’t and has actually always spoken very well and is easily understood by everyone. She has a remarkable vocab and although she doesn’t speak a lot of Afrikaans, she does understand it very well and is starting to speak it more and more.

Ava is physically ahead of Zoe with her milestones but her lack of speaking is starting to worry me a lot. I have 3 friends with babies born within a week of her and they are all saying words – Mama, dada, eina, juice, their sibling’s names,taa,etc. Ava doesn’t even say mama or dada yet. She does wave and point to what she wants but she isn’t able to point to any body parts or a light or any of the usual stuff. Zoe was saying quite a few words before she was one and I remember that we went on holiday when she was almost 16 months and she could tell me when she wanted to go to sleep and a whole lot of other stuff – if only I blogged then, I would be able to know exactly what she was saying. I mentioned it to the clinic sister the other day and she said that one only really worries when they aren’t speaking by 2 but also suggested we delay her MMR???? Why? She is very sociable and happy and can follow instructions, “Go and give this to Zoe,”etc and plays games like running away from us when she’s undressed and ready for her bath. We are seeing the ENT on Tuesday about her sinus issues and I will mention it to him and see what he says. There is nothing wrong with her hearing. She does say “mamama” at times but it isn’t really directed at me but rather at something that she wants like her taglet or my cellphone. The only thing she perhaps says is “Hi” when she sees you. I keep telling myself not to worry but I d0. The other thing with speaking is that they can tell you what they want and that just makes life so much easier. She has serious issues with taking turns as well. She absolutely loves bouncing on my big physio ball but obviously Zoe wants a turn as well and when we take Ava off to give Zoe a turn she will lie down on the floor screaming. As soon as it’s her turn again, she’s happy and smiling until she gets taken off again.Oh boy she’s going to be a tough nut to crack I think.


4 Responses to “Worried”

  1. Nisey Says:

    Jaden only really started talking properly about 3 months (Age 2 and a bit) and he just jabbers away like mad now. All kids are different so maybe don’t stress too much about that. wrt to pointing to things i’d maybe try and encourage her to do more of that, if she really won’t do it maybe you should get an occupational therapist to come round for a visit. they are really good at setting your mind at ease. we had great success with jaden with the OT. really simple techniques that made a huge difference to him.
    as far as MMR goes, we saw the neuro paed last month and she said that the doctor that conducted the initial research has actually lost his license because the research was so badly flawed! she said there is no link whatsoever btw autism and MMR and it is perfectly safe.
    being a mom just seems to be one worry after another doesn’t it!
    good luck

  2. Sharon Says:

    Katherine, my mom says the same thing about my brother. Apparently he never spoke a single word till he was almost 3 and then one day, she caught him drawing with his crayons on the wall, she shouted at him asking him what he was doing and he replied: “Colouring the wall” and he never stopped talking from then on.
    I know its easy to say but I wouldn’t worry too much just yet!!!!

  3. zamom Says:

    Thanks for the replies. I did some googling and the stuff I found all said that it is their receptive language that is important and she definitely understands a lot. They said that expressive language can vary from 6 months to 2 years, so she’ll obviously be closer to 2 years then.

  4. darylfaure Says:

    Gee Katherine – I could have written this post. I have the exact same concerns with Dylan, and although I know I shouldn’t compare him, I invariably do. He babbles all day, but really only says mamma and I can’t help worrying. He also points a lot and has long conversations of which I have no idea what he is saying, so I guess for now I will be patient. Maybe Dylan and Ava should have a play date and see how they communicate with each other.

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