Busy week

My mom is fetching Zoe from school and Ava is asleep so I have a few moments. My mom and Zoe are off to fetch my SIL and niece from the airport. Zoe is mad about aeroplanes, airports and Lara (her cousin). They are visiting again as my brother is about to write his final exams to qualify as a Pediatric Surgeon and he’s at home studying, so it’s easier for them to come here and be out of the way.

Yesterday was Ava’s visit to the ENT and I’m really glad that we went. Her ears are fine (as we knew) but she is prone to her adenoids swelling when she gets a cold, is teething or perhaps even to environmental allergens like house dust mites. He told us what to do when she does get blocked up – Iliadin followed by Flixonase morning and night and suggested that her mattress be put out in the sunshine regularly and her bedding washed at a very high temp to try and eliminate the house dust mites. The house gets vaccuumed everyday and we have wooden floors everywhere so he doesn’t think it’s the dog hair as dog hair is much less of a problem than cat hairs. She is 100% at the moment and was an angel at the doctor so when/if (???) she gets sick again, we’ll try out the new strategy. She did wake up at 12 last night and finally settled at 2am!!! We tried a bit of controlled crying (more Chris’s idea as I hate it with a passion) as she is just naughty because as soon as you pick her up she stops crying instantly so we left her for 5 minutes each time she cried and that did bugger all – she just got more and more agitated so eventually I sat with her for a little while and she did settle. It is so frustrating as I’m sure it’s linked to when she is sick and then wakes because she’s all blocked up. She never, ever has issues putting herself to sleep in the day or when she goes to bed but if she wakes in the middle of the night she can’t always seem to put herself back to sleep. This is so hard when one is used to Zoe that never, ever cried at night even when she was sick. I reallly can’t just leave her to cry endlessly and she usually sleeps so well (not a peep from 7pm -7am) so I hope this is just another little bump in the road. Very tempted to dose her with some Stopayne for a night or 2 just to try and break the habit. I’ve tried suggesting to her father that should prescribe something to knock her out for a night or 2 but he’s not even keen on the stopayne so fat chance I’ll get any valoron(? spelling) drops out of him. Probably a good thing that he’s the doctor as my kids would probably be drug addicts by now if it were up to me. At the end of the day one bad night every once in a while is nothing when compared to what some people’s nights are like, so I should just be grateful it’s not worse. But we’ve never, ever had a bad night because of Zoe so that’s what makes me so irritated.

I had my car valeted and it is like having a brand new car. It spent the enire day at Sparkling Auto (cost R300) and you will not believe the difference, I would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a car that doesn’t really need one! Now to just keep it that way. Things are moving forward with the architect as well, they will be measuring our house, loading it on to CAD and then he’ll start drawing up the Master plan and we’ll just proceed with detailed plans and building as and when funds allow. Eagerly Anxiously waiting to hear from the accountant about how much Provisional tax Chris must pay at the end of the month.

We are also very close to booking our ski holiday for Jan (EEK), not 100% sure where we will be going to but we’ve narrowed it down quite a bit and I’m quite excited. When we went skiing before I didn’t buy a cool ski outfit – I got awful, awful black farmer john ski pants at Cape Union Mart, had a Navy blue Ski jacket that I got in the UK, lilac gloves and a black beanie with red horns!!! How bad is that. One of the friends we went with had such a cool light beige and blue outfit and she hates skiing, so might try and see if she’s still got it and is willing to give/sell it to me. I will also make sure I have mittens this time around as they are so much warmer than gloves.

My in-laws arrive on Friday (Ouma and Oupa just for the weekend) and SIL till next Thursday so it’s going to be a bit busy.

I finally went and joined the gym today and Chris and I are both joining the local running club. They have their club run on a Tuesday evening at 5.45pm so last evening I ran just before 5pm, and got home just in time for Chris to do the club run. Zoe’s teacher at school is a keen runner and this morning she told me, “Well done  on your time for Saturday.” I then told her that I was still a bit sad that Chris beat me and she said that according to the results I beat Chris!!! Obviously we somehow managed to swop numbers before the start and we ran on each other’s numbers. Hee Hee, must still tell Chris that officially I won the bet!!


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