Decisions decisions

We are busy deciding about where to go skiing. We seem to have narrowed it down to Austria and are now choosing between Saalbach and Ischgl. Saalbach is a bit lower than Ischgl so could have less snow, although for the past 3 years it has in fact had more snow. So hard to choose. The most important thing is that wherever we go, we would like there to be lots of snow, preferably having all fallen the week before we arrive and then we can enjoy  skiing in lovely thick powdery snow, in glorious sunshine. That’s what happened the last time we went skiing and I’m just a bit worried that we won’t get so lucky again. We are planning to make our final decision this week and book everything. So, between the taxman and the ski trip, our bond account (and building fund)(and Landrover Discovery fund) won’t be looking very promising anymore.

I have had a very energetic morning – went for a long (1 hour 20min) run and then had a walk with Chris’s sister and the dogs all along the beach while Chris took his folks and the girls to work. He had a patient to see  and they wanted to see his rooms. A mom at Zoe’s school told me about a seal that was on the rocks yesterday. The seal turned out to be one from Antartica and was 100% okay, just resting. We managed to see the seal a bit further down the beach than where it was yesterday, just lying on the sand. I put the dogs on their lead but it still charged at them a bit. We all met for breakfast at La Vella (at the pier) and afterwards stopped to go and see the seal. When we were just about to leave the Bayworld people arrived as they were going to catch the seal and take it to a more remote beach. This species of seal is quite aggressive and so they felt it would be safer for the seal and all the people and dogs that walk on the beach to rather remove it. They caught it using a big net and then put it in a biggish crate. Zoe was a little bit upset by the actual catching operation as the seal barked a bit but quietened down as soon as it was in the crate. Within about 5 minutes the seal was all loaded up and on it’s way. Ava had to be restrained as she just wanted to go up and touch the seal as I’m sure she thought it was a dog and she is crazy about dogs.

The whole family (Chris, his folks, his sister, Zoe) except Ava and myself are on a game drive so I hope they see lots of animals – it’s quite a small game reserve so I’m pretty sure they will. We’re then off to my folks for a braai later so quite a busy day. I’m slightly grateful that I got to look after a sleeping Ava and have a few moments to myself.


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