Where are all the boys?

I am just curious about where all the baby boys are? We have 2 girls, friends of ours have just had their 3rd girl, we went to a braai a few weeks ago and 3 of the other couples each had 3 girls. Good friends also have 2 girls, my younger brother is expecting a 2nd girl and I could pretty much go on and on. We do know lots of people with one of each but remarkably few people with multiple boys – 1 family at church have 3 boys and another at Zoe’s school also have 3 boys but that’s about it. Okay, now that I sit and think about it, we do know a few people with 2 boys, but still way less than the number of people with 2 or more girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my 2 girls and Lara (my niece) has been visiting and it’s been absolutely brilliant watching the 3 cousins playing together. Ava obviously can’t really play yet but the gap between Zoe and Lara is 14 months and then Ava is 14 months younger than Lara, so it won’t be long before she can join in with the fun properly. The 4th little one will be 19 months younger than Ava, so my brother and his wife slipped up a bit with their timing!!! We had a braai at my parents yesterday afternoon and they were all playing so nicely so I joked with my mom that soon she’d be able to look after all 4 of them and we (my brother, his wife, Chris and myself) could go away together. Later on after Ava had been sent flying through the air accidently by Kohl (the labrador), fallen in the pool (their is a net but she got wet) and the other 2 were extremely overexcited by all the bonding, I looked at my mom and laughed that possibly she wouldn’t be having all 4 anytime soon. Kids always tend to be naughtier when their parents are around though so maybe…


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