Tonight we booked our flights from PE to Munich and back for our ski trip. It’s actually going to happen, can’t quite believe it. As you know my SIL is visiting (well, actually I have 2 SIL’s visiting at the moment, Chris’s sister is also here) and she has some ski stuff to lend me. Yay. It’s light blue and she has mittens, so at least I’ll look stylish. Perhaps light blue isn’t the “in” colour of the slopes this year. I don’t care, it will just be a million times better than navy blue and black.

Chris got accepted into the Baviaans Trail run today. He is very excited as he was on a waiting list. It’s a hectic run of about 40km through extremely harsh terrain and you have to be completely self-supporting and carry a whistle and a space blanket as well as your own water. The cut-off is 7 hours as it’s nothing like running a 40km road race. They have webcams set up along the proppsed route and last year they had to change the route because they realised that the route went through some rhino’s territory. This year the route will have to change again as they’ve spotted a leopard regularly in one section of the route. And he still wonders why I don’t want to do it?

Lara came to play this afternoon and the girls had a ball. For quite a while (10 minutes perhaps) on about 3 different occasions the 3 of them all played together and we could chat in peace. That’s quite a significant thing in my opinion. It was so special to see – these 3 blonde, curly (Ava not very curly) little girls together. Lara also went to school with Zoe this morning and after my mom and Mel left, she stayed for supper at our house as she didn’t want to leave. I asked Zoe if she didn’t want to go and spend the night with Lara but she said no thanks, Lara is a bit naughty at night. Lara promised to be good but Zoe wasn’t convinced. Lara hates her paediatrician. He apparently has a big Barney at the entrance to his rooms and she tells Mel, “I don’t like that doctor with the big Barney!” Everyday on their way to school and back home again they drive passed the hospital where his rooms are and she tells her mom everytime they go passed that she doesn’t want to go to Dr Paul. Anyway, the point of all this. At the braai on Saturday, Zoe and Lara sat next to each other at the table and somehow the conversation turned to doctors and there were these 2 little girls discussing their paediatricians. It was hilarious, just like 2 little old ladies discussing their medical problems and doctors. Zoe incidently absolutely loves going to the doctor and she was telling Lara just how nice her Dr Gebers was.


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