We must be mad

For 2 reasons. Firstly, last night we had a braai and my folks were playing cards with 2 other couples, which they often do on a Friday night. I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind hosting the cards (the venue rotates) so that the girls could sleep at their house and we could have a babysitter for the braai. Of course she agreed and it worked out very well as our braai was in the same road as theirs, so we put the kids to bed and went off to our braai. Ava was rather over-excited to be in a campcot again but she did settle after a little bit. But what makes us crazy? Well, the kids were at my folks house for the night and what did we do…set our alarm for 6.15am and went for a 2 hour run. It was a lovely run as the weather was perfect and it was wonderful to go for a training run together but a little lie-in would’ve been nice as well. Did I tell you that Chris set his alarm for 5.15am one morning this week? He is not a morning person at all so he let it go off so many times that I was WIDE awake (and I don’t get back to sleep easily). He did eventually get up but the next moment he was back in bed and tells me, “It’s too windy!!!!” I was fuming, he is supposed to be training for this hectic 40km trail run through the Baviaans where he could be chased by a rhino, leopard or have snow, rain, scorching heat,etc. to contend with and he gets put off by a litttle wind!! Ironically, after me throwing my toys I woke up early on Thursday morning(at 6.15am not 5.15am) got dressed and then just as I was letting the dogs out, there was a downpour that lasted all of 10 minutes but it was enough to send me back to bed and I ran later. At least we woke up this morning and there was no wind or rain (not that rain would’ve been a bad thing here in drought-stricken PE).

Why else are we mad. We’ve put off buying a new car as I think we’ll land up buying a Discovery and we’d rather do that after we’ve finished at least phase 1 of the renovations. Chris’s folks were here last week and they’re quite into art. Chris also loves art and would easily bankrupt us if he got half the chance I think. So, he looked at Richard Scott’s stuff (which he’s looked at before) and I really like his stuff as well. So, now there’s a really good chance that instead of buying a depreciating car, we might be buying a hopefully appreciating Red Tree by Richard Scott – sorry I have still not worked out how to do links but you might be able to see it if you click below.

My Red Sky

It should go well with our fridge??!!! We have no walls left in our house though and when we renovate a number of the walls will be bashed down leaving us with even fewer walls. Chris doesn’t believe that is a valid reason for not buying a painting, though. I would’ve thought that just having booked a ski trip would be another valid reason, but not in his books so it just might be hanging on one of our walls soon, if we can get them to drop the price a bit. I do not and cannot bargain, so it’s up to him how much he pays for it.


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