I think you’re all aware of the strikes. I have a serious issue with them. Firstly, the teachers, technically I was a teacher as I worked as a physio in a school and was paid by the department of education. I worked in a school in Athlone, not a Model C school so I know what goes on in most schools out there. My mom was a teacher for many years until she retired at the end of 2007. She worked very hard and I think I did my bit and I know there are a lot of teachers that work very hard and go the extra mile. I do also know that there are thousands, yes, thousands of teachers who do as little as possible. If one considers the Matric results at the end of each year then one must agree that South Africa has mostly bad teachers. Yes, I know the schools are overcrowded, the kids are undisciplined, come from horrendous backgrounds, etc., etc. In my opinion that is no excuse, one still hears of schools in the worst areas that do get good results because the teachers teach and go the extra mile. I strongly believe that the teachers should get more money if the results start to improve. End of story.

Chris works for the government as well. He is not striking, he is not allowed to. The nurses at his hospital are not striking because they are not allowed to although the black nurses get sent home because it is not safe for them to come to work. So, there are doctors and nurses but they aren’t allowed to work because there are no porters, no one to cook and clean and wash linen and all the other suppoprt stuff that has to happen in order for a hospital to run. A baby died over the weekend because there was no ICU bed available. That fact haunts me. Imagine if that was my child. Just because the parents cannot afford medical aid their child died because a whole bunch of idiots decide that they need to strike. How can they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night? The sad thing is that I’m sure they don’t care. The casualty is closed. Where do you go if you get badly injured or are sick? You die, were Chris’s words. Do these people not see all the people standing on the side of the road hoping to be picked up so that they can earn some money to feed their families? What is wrong with these people? Yes, I realise they don’t all earn a fortune but they have a job. Yes, they might just be a porter or a cook or wash bedding or whatever but don’t they realise that their job saves lives. I usually try and just block this stuff out and get on with my life but I just can’t. I keep thinking about how I would feel if one of my children had to die. It would break my heart and if I knew that the only reason my baby died was because there was a strike. Well, I just don’t know, I think that would kill me and make me completely lose faith in mankind. I am very, very sad and very, very cross. I suppose I must just do the right thing and pray with all my heart that this strike will be resolved. I do still believe that the government should not cave in – let these a#$holes show us some results (improved medical care as well as the schools) before they get one more cent of my hard-earned tax money. Yes, I am a tax payer again, my husband pays me enough now!!!


One Response to “Sad”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I agree with you Katherine. I feel for these people, I understand that their salaries in relation to all of us is pitiful & that they have families to care for but when they resort to violence and intimidation and thuggery and innocent babies die, I have no sympathy for them. Personally, I think they should be fired, there are millions of unemployed South Africans who can replace porters and cleaners etc in hospitals!

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