Today was the dreaded day, Mirena day. It actually went okay, although it was darn sore for about 30 seconds when she was inserting it. Eina, on days like this I really don’t like being a woman. I’m a bit crampy now but nothing serious. She did a quick scan and my lining is nice and thin so hopefully I won’t have too much spotting. As we’re leaving, Chris tells me that now I’m like a camel. Apparently the Arabs invented the IUD as they used to put a seed or small stone into the uteruses of their camels prior to leaving on long desert treks as they didn’t want them to fall pregnant and have babies while they were on a trek. Nice, a camel I am then.

I also felt a little bad. I gave birth to Ava at 4.55am and after delivering her, my gynae went off for a run but I didn’t think too much of it at the time, I had other things on my mind. 2 weeks ago when Chris did the 10km club run, he saw my gynae there as well. Today while she was doing the Mirena I asked her about exercising afterwards and she said it wasn’t a problem. We chatted a bit about running and I mentioned that I would really like to do Two Oceans one day. I had thought of next year but it’s quite hard to co-ordinate 2 people’s training (Chris and myself) so it will probably be easier to train properly for something like that once Ava starts play school 2/3 mornings a week in the 3rd term next year. Anyway, she mentioned that she also wanted to do Two Oceans in 2012 because next year she’s doing Iron Man. Yes, the full Iron Man – 3,2km sea swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run. She has 2 young pre-school daughters and she’s a full-time gynae. She told me that some days she wakes up at 4am so that she can get in 2 hours of training in the morning. I am in awe. She did also say that as soon as her girls go to sleep, she also does. Not very sociable, but pretty impressive. Someone else to look out for and cheer on along the route next year. This stay-at-home mom better pull her training socks up a bit. I did go to gym this morning but I spent the entire time looking out of the window and wishing I was running as it was an absolutely perfect morning!!!


One Response to “Camel”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I’m interested in your experience of becoming a Camel, I’m keen to become a Camel too!!! Let me know how it feels and goes.

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