Speed bumps

First for the good news – I am feeling absolutely 100% after my Mirena.

Now, the speed bumps. Zoe has a slight tendency to whine – that’s probably a bit of an understatement, she whines a lot. Oddly enough she only tends to whine when speaking to her parents – not with my folks or at school or anywhere else, just when we’re around, funny how kids do the annoying stuff just for our benefit. It drives me nuts and we’re working on it, can’t say I’ve noticed any improvement but we’ll keep persisting. We had quite a “difficult” breakfast session this morning – she was sent to time-out twice and I then resorted to making her eat her breakfast outside (at the patio table where I could see her). It is a very windy day here today and she hates the wind. That seemed to do the trick as she then came inside (after she eventually ate one bite of food outside which took about 5 minutes) and for the rest of the day she has been angelic. So that was a sort-of speed bump as it’s never nice to start the day like that.

Another friend’s little girl (same age as Zoe) then came to play as the mom took the little sister to a class that we all usually go to on a Monday (when the bigger girls are at school) but they were away this Monday. We were actually supposed to meet other friends at an outdoor play place but because of the terrible wind they came here instead. She has 2 kids – a little girl the same age as Zoe and a little boy of 20 months. It was chaotic but lovely. We (the kids) made flapjacks and the children all played beautifully. This mom is planning to home school her kids – something that I know I couldn’t do, I don’t even have to think about it, I would kill my kids within a few months. Okay so obviously the play date  wasn’t a speed bump.

As you know we’re off to Austria in January but we are all South African citizens and so need a lovely Schengen visa. We fly into Munich but because we’re staying in Austria we need Austrian Schengen visas. One can apply for German visas without having to go to the embassy but to get an Austrian one, one must go to the embassy. So, bit of a curve ball, but not too bad, I’m always up for a visit to Cape Town without the kids. So, there’s a bit of a Kulula special in Novemebr so I thought, let me first just phone the embassy before I go ahead and book the flights. Major speed bump, the Cape Town embassy is closing for good on 15 September and you can only apply for a visa 3 months before you are due to travel. The only option is to go to Pretoria. Well, there is one other option. Because we fly into Munich we could get a German person to “invite” us to stay or write a letter confirming that we will be staying with them. If you had to ask any South African to do that for you I have no doubt they would agree in a flash. Germans, I’m not so sure. I mean imagine getting a German to agree to lying to their government. Chris’s old prof at Tygerberg (that likes him a lot) is German and actually still runs a plastic surgery clinic in Munich so he could so easily just say that Chris and T are coming over to Munich to work/observe a little at the clinic. Problem solved. Do we think he’d actually agree to write such a letter, most likely not. What a pain in the a##. Chris does have his annual Plastic Surgery congress at the Cradle of Mankind in October so, my next plan is to find out whether the guys can apply for visas on our behalf and then they can just go while they’re at the congress. Fingers crossed they’ll be allowed to do that.

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