I know I’m biased but goodness me runners are a friendly bunch. Tonight was my turn to run with the club and instead of rushing home after the run, I stayed to have a drink and get to know everyone a bit better. I already know a couple of the other runners in the club but it’s always nice to meet new people. I landed up running with an American girl that is out here for 4 months student teaching at the local high school. She is from Chicago and is loving her time here. I was quite amazed at just how welcoming and friendly everyone was to her (and to me as a relative newcomer). I also chatted to a girl that was 3 years ahead of me at school. I often see her when I run in the mornings with the dogs but never chat to her. It is actually a miracle that she’s alive. She suffered from anorexia and was pretty close to dying after leaving school. A friend of mine’s mom is a good friend of her mom’s. I remember seeing her every now and then at the shops and she was literally skin and bone. She looks incredible now – still thin, but just so healthy and happy. As I mentioned she usually runs in the morning and is a member of the Hobie Bears – a group of crazies that swim at Hobie Beach every single morning of the year – come rain, shine, cold or heat. Each of our main beaches – Pollock, Hobie, Humewood and Kings beach has a group like this as you see a lot of them in their dressing gowns drinking flasks of tea/coffe afterwards. Very weird, but it’s a dream of mine to be a Hobie Bear one day. Go for a run, have a swim in the sea and then drink tea afterwards. They swim pretty early so maybe when the girls are just a little bit older I’ll become a Hobie Bear. As you can imagine, most of the members are retired (and have been so a very long time) but they’ve had these cool T-shirts printed and I’m keen to have one one day. Just imagine starting every day with a swim in the sea, awesome.

This is all about running I’m afraid. Chris is starting to make Comrades rumblings. He is hopefully doing a marathon this Saturday although he hasn’t run in a week because he’s been sick but his Baviaans 40km Trail run is on the 18th of September, so he needs to get a last long run in. A 40km trail run is about the equivalent of an 80km road run so you can see why he needs to get in some mileage. We are possibly keen on doing Two Oceans next year. I am still very unsure as I’ll need to do a marathon and then see how I feel but today he tells me that Comrades entries open tomorrow. I think Comrades is a very bad idea. It is just way too far in my opinion and to try and do Two Oceans and Comrades in one year is not a good idea unless he learns very quickly how to be an early-riser.


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