Last night we had a meeting with our architect and it was so exciting to see the provisional plans. One set are drawn pretty much according to what we asked and the other set are a bit more radical and involve changing pretty much everything in the house. The more radical idea is to build a new main bedroom on to the front of the house and put the lounge, diningroom and family room all at the back, looking out onto the garden and patio. The one issue with that plan is that Ava’s room faces towards the front garden and it is a very cold room. Our room is lovely as it is now and if we keep it where it is then our room will have doors onto the garden and a big window all looking out onto the pool and garden, so we will more than likely stick with the less radical plan. My plan is for the girls to share in about a year anyway as Zoe’s room is huge and is a lovely room. We could then rather break down one of the walls between the lounge and what will be the family room so then one will be able to sit in the lounge and see both the front and back garden. We could do this in our old house in Pinelands and I loved it. Next step is to fine tune all the plans a bit and then get my dad involved. He is a quantity surveyor, so will be able to give us an idea of how much all of this is going to cost. He is hectically busy at work at the moment (as usual) so I don’t want to put any pressure on him. It will all still take a little while as Chris and I need to chat quite a bit and then we’ll need Hubert to do all of the changes. At some stage I’ll ask Hubert to email some stuff and then hopefully show you guys as well.

In other exciting news, our ski party may be getting bigger which will be fun, just hope there’s space at the hotel so we can all stay together. I don’t think Ischgl is a very big place so it shouldn’t matter too much if they can’t but it would be nicer. Bad news on the visa front is that Chris and T can’t apply on our behalf, each person must go to the embassy in person. Chris has now asked his parents to ask very good friends of theirs in Germany to invite the 4 of us to stay for 4 nights. His dad goes to Germany for 3/4 months every second year to do research and he actually did his doctorate in Germany many, many yeras ago. We have meet these friends a few times and I’m fairly hopeful that they’ll be prepared to do it.

I nearly fogot, Ava has said her first word (with meaning). She “talks” and babbles a lot but my mom came to watch the girls while we had our meeting last evening and twice when she wanted to climb onto the couch, she said “Up”, according to my mom who as a granny is of course a completely objective witness. She now also says “Up” when she wants to be picked up. My feelings are naturally fairly mixed. I mean, “Up”. Every mother’s dream, for their 11,5kg child to have “Up” as the only real word in their vocabulary.


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