Bits and pieces

Chris is still sick, it seems ages now and like any doctor he’s refusing to take any medication (other than Myprodol). I’m getting concerned about his Baviaans Trail Run as he will be extremely isolated and if anyhting were to happen then I don’t know how quickly they’d find him, especially if he ran off course. I know I may be over-reacting but I really hope that if he doesn’t get better soon, that he won’t do it. I know he’ll be devastated but I’m sure it would be better to do something like that when you’re 100% healthy and fit. He won’t be doing the marathon tomorrow and we were going to go on a long training run together but he felt so sick last evening and today again that he’s not even going to join me for that. I’m not very good when it comes to being sympathetic to a sick husband I’m afraid.

I had a nice run this morning with the dogs, although we were chased off the beach by some #ss from the Muncipality. There is a new by-law (which I know about but choose to ignore) that no dogs are allowed on the ebach and must be on a lead at all times on the walkways. Our dogs are extremely well trained and are very friendly so have not only been taught to ignore other dogs, but even if another dog approaches them, they will just say hi and move on. Now I accept that there are lots of dogs that aren’t like that and lots of people that don’t pick up their dog poos (I always run with poo bags) but the only people one generally sees on the beach in the early mornings are peole walking their dogs, all without incident. I will continue to let my dogs run on the beach and just avoid the stupid blonde lady in the blue tracksuit.

I had another run-in with the law which I totally forgot about. On Sunday morning my parents got back from Durban just after 8 and I went to go and fetch them. I went to the drop and go and waited in the car with the girls. I had been there less than a minute, honestly, when some official looking man came towards me. I was speaking on the phone so just moved forward to another parking place. It was not busy at all and most of the parking spaces were open. I sat there minding my own business when I noticed that the people in the rental car place were waving at me. The idiot traffic official was busy writing out a ticket!!! I tried to speak to him and he just ignored me. So I then drove off and parked just in front of the airport and asked my dad to phone me when they were walking out the door. Now I ask you, what are you meant to do when you are picking people up? As I said it wasn’t busy at all so it’s not as if there were so many cars that the flow of traffic was being stopped, there wasn’t even a flow of traffic and there were empty spaces in the drop and go. I hadn’t tried to leave my car. Zoe put her window down and told the man, “We’re not going on holiday, we’re just here to fetch my nana and grandpa.” He just ignored both of us. I was fuming. He didn’t give me the ticket and I’m not sure what will happen if it arrives in the post. Just writing about it now makes me furious all over again.


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