Just had to share

S wrote a post on mom’s being competitive, something which fortunately I don’t really encounter. Maybe it’s because in PE we don’t have such high standards??? I don’t know and my children have never been ahead of their peers for anything (except that Zoe does speak very well but she has issues in other areas so it’s all nicely balanced out). Anyway, this made me laugh. I get emails from Circle of Moms which is a Facebook thing I think. It seems to be full of Americans that all have a serious case of ‘My kid’s better than your kid’. Stuff like, ‘Is 15 months too early to potty train???’ I mean Duh, who is mental enough to even think about it at that age, you’d just spend your life taking them to the toilet and changing clothes because I don’t believe a 15 month old could possibly have control by then. Considering the only word Ava says is “Up” (and very irratically I might add) so at least I’m off the potty training hook considering she is 15 months today. She’ll probably be at least 3 before she can say “Wee” and “Poo”, thank goodness for that. Anyway, I just read one quite astounding conversation or whatever they call them. It went something like this, “My 20 month old can count to 7, what is normal for this age?”!!!!! I really don’t know what to say except laugh. The poor kid, can only imagine what else he is expected to do, add and subtract, who knows? The weird thing is, I’m yet to meet one of these little geniuses that can apparently do all this remarkable stuff. I meet a lot of babies, toddlers, little children, etc. and I know of only one that might have managed to do this and she’s almost too clever for her own good as she intimidates other children and because she thinks so deeply about everything, she has worries that no child of her age should even have. Maybe it’s because we had to fight a little harder to have them, but it just thrills me that I have 2 gorgeous little girls to cuddle, I’m unbelievably grateful that so far they are healthy and hopefully one day they’ll be normal, happy young women. They suck their thumbs, they whine, they moan, they throw tantrums, they wake us up at night and they don’t do anything remarkable but they’re mine and they’re happy and they bring me such joy that there’s nothing on earth I’d rather be doing than just being their mom.


3 Responses to “Just had to share”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Hey Katherine – glad to hear Ava’s molar is out and you are having a bit of a respite. Dylan has also been the easiest teether, but his two bottom molars really seem to have been the worst for him to cut so far. Fortunately they are now both out (one day apart), so now all we have left to go are the eye teeth and 2 year old molars. For the first time since he started teething he actually does not seem to have any teeth brewing (well from what I can see of his gums anyway). Funny I also think Dylan said woof woof and miaow the other day, but now nothing again. Very infuriating. I think we need to put Dylan and Ava in a room together and see how the communicate with each other. Probably got some secret language going there that adults don’t understand. Have a great week my friend.

  2. Irene Says:

    Katherine I couldn’t agree with you more – I say let kids be kids – they grow up so fast as it is – just enjoy the here and now. I have never been one to rush anything where my kids are concerned and I feel that because of it I have the most well-adjusted girls.

  3. coachmarcia Says:

    I am exactly like you but being in Jhb I feel like an odd one out as everyone’s kids are usually doing everything and all mine know how to do is KISS 🙂

    SLight joke but still… that was the first thing I taught them 🙂

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