Dune riding

Zoe is sick and I’m praying REALLY hard that for the first time ever, Ava doesn’t get it as well. Why? Well, it’s never fun having a sick child but also because Ava is finally snot-free after I don’t know how long and I can’t bear to think of it all starting again. She has also just cut her 1st molar, so now has 9 teeth, and this one was more eventful than any of the 28 cut by either of our girls so far. Zoe never had any problems getting teeth, we didn’t have to give her anything and other than drooling (which she did a lot of anyway) there was no indication that a tooth was due to arrive. Ava was also okay for the first 8, bit of a runny tummy, snotty and probably a little more whingey in the day but still nothing that needed medication. Last Tuesday night was the worst night we’ve ever had. She woke up about every hour, stood up in her cot and cried until we came to lie her down again. You couldn’t go straight out of the room, one had to stand there like an idiot (you didn’t even have to necessarily touch her) for at least about 5 minutes before trying to sneak out. What a nightmare, I was in utter disbelief, what had happened to our angel that slept so well? She even woke up crying during her nap in the day and that never happens. I mentioned it to a friend the next day and she was astonished that we hadn’t given her any pain medication. Isn’t she teething she asked? The thought hadn’t enetered our heads, I was just thinking she’d had a personality change and we’d been left with a monster. I don’t do sleep training, I hate it, hate it, hate it. I can feel my heart shattering into a million pieces when I hear them cry. Chris was all for sending me to sleep at my mom’s while he sorted the sleep issues out. I was all for giving her the strongest possible medication to knock her out. How cruel and stupid we are, we didn’t even think to try Calpol because she was cutting a tooth. The poor nunu. After chatting to my friend I went home and inspected her mouth and what do I feel but a molar trying to come out. I felt terrible. Out came the vidol powders and the Ponstel and one or two minor wake-ups the next night or so but we didn’t hear a peep last night and the tooth is now well and truly out so I think that’s that (fingers, toes and everything else crossed). Chris did also get some Aterax (think that’s what it’s called) which is quite a strong sedative but it tasted so bad that she threw up (EVERYTHING) each time we tried to give it to her so we won’t try that again.

She is also much more chatty and seems (you do need a pretty vivid imagination) to be saying duck, quack, woof, dada but up hasn’t been heard again since the others started! These facts may seem utterly boring to you but I am useless at filling in their baby books, so at least if I write the stuff down here, I have it recorded somewhere at least.

What did we get up to this weekend? I went for a 2 hour run on Saturday with lots of hills and although I missed running with Chris (he’s on an antibiotic and looks a bit better) and my legs were a bit tired towards the end, the run was great. We then had good friends of ours’s daughter’s third birthday party and the weather was perfect and the food was great. Today was pretty perfect weather for most of the day and this morning we bunked church to go and watch 8 rehabilitated penguins being released on Hobie Beach. There were quite a lot of other people watching and (being PE and in Summerstrand) we knew a good proportion of them so a good time was had by all and 2 very sandy, semi-naked children came home. Chris and Zoe then planted seeds in seedling trays and finished making their “sledge” as Zoe calls it. Chris even had to boil the wood in a pot on the stove (I am not joking) to get it to bend for the front part. I promise I’ll take a photo. This afternoon I took our house plans round to my dad so that he could give us a rough estimate while Chris finished the sand board/sled. The kids, dogs, Chris, my mom and I then all went off and did a bit of dune riding. Yes, even my mom had a turn and the board/sled/sledge worked very well. I did take my camera but it was a bit windy by then and Ava was all for rolling herself down the dunes, so in between going for rides someone had to hold on to her (she did also have a few go’s) and there wasn’t really a chance to take photos. Zoe even had a few rides all on her own (it has a rope to hold on with and a little ledge for your feet). It was built by a plastic surgeon after all.


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