Active city

It suddenly struck me yesterday. Another reason why I love living in PE. Everyone is so active. I don’t know anyone that isn’t working towards some goal or training for an event or something. All our friends are either runners or cyclists or surfers or they paddle or surfski or something. Even my mom does Aqua 3 times a week and walks the dog everyday. It’s infectious. After I had Zoe I didn’t feel any great push to get back into my running and so pretty much just walked everyday. After Ava and now that we’re living in PE it is a whole different story. My gynae’s doing the Iron Man, our minister’s running the Baviaans Run with Chris, Zoe’s teacher does Two Oceans, the list is endless. If I sit here I can’t actually think of anyone that isn’t doing something, even the slightly overweight person that you think does nothing, I often meet her walking/jogging along the beach. We’re forever bumping into friends on the beach that have been surfing, surfskiing, cycling, running or whatever. You feel yourself getting sucked in. I say now that I have no desire to do the full Iron Man but I just know that because of living in PE as long as the Iron Man is held here, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later I will do it.

I think that’s what’s so great because rather than meeting for coffee or whatever (which we do as well), loads of people land up training together and socialising through their sport/hobby. It’s so good for getting balance into one’s life, for stress relief, for staying in shape but also such a good example for children to grow up with. In PE no one works themself to a standstill because most of them are waking up early to run/ cycle/swim/paddle/surf or they’re doing it after work so no, we’ll never be the wealthiest people in South Africa but thank goodness we’re out there enjoying life. Zoe and Ava both love playing outside and I’m being 100% honest but a week will easily go by without them watching any TV. Zoe can already ride her bike about 3km without any problems. She does stop for frequent water breaks (her water bottle is kept in the basket in front) but I think that’s pretty good for a skinny 3 year old. She can easily walk with me (at a normal pace) down to the beach, all along Pollock Beach and back home again without complaining. We often walk to the shops with me pushing Ava and her pushing Baba in the pram (the shops are about a 5 minute walk).  As I’ve said before, it’s not beautiful like Cape Town, but PE definitely has it’s attractions.


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