Front page news

My parents were on the front page of the newspaper today. I kid you not. It was just the local Algoa Sun (you know the free newspaper). Someone obviously sent in a photo of the penguin release that we went to watch on Sunday morning and they are right there in the background. In other news my 95 year old gran had a stroke yesterday morning and isn’t doing so well. She turned 95 at the end of August and is really ready to go now. She can’t see or hear and is starting to get confused (before the stroke even). She has outlived 2 husbands, the second of which she married at the tender age of 87. I haven’t seen her for a while and she hasn’t met either of my girls, very sad actually and something which I feel rather guilty about. I can’t say that I was ever very close to any of my grandparents as we never lived in the same city as them and only saw them once or twice a year. My mom’s father was a big rugby player type that I found a little intimidating and he died when I was 12. My mom’s mom developed Alzheimer’s in her 60’s and so my only memories of her are once she got Alzheimer’s and the “funny” things she used to say and do (she died the same year as my grandpa). My dad’s dad died in my 2nd year of Varsity but I have never liked Durban and so once I stopped going on family holidays with my folks, my reasons to go and visit kind of disappeared and it’s been a few years since my gran has been well enough to travel to PE. The superficial relationship that I had with my grandparents is a lot of the reason that I was so desperate to come and live in PE and make sure that my children will be close to their grandparents, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately Chris’s folks travel a lot, so do come and visit often and because they live in Cape Town, we will always have lots of reasons to go and visit them. Zoe loves flying and at the end of the month Zoe is flying to Cape Town with my folks for 3 days (they need to go for interviews for their USA visas) and she’ll be staying with Chris’s folks. Once Ava is old enough (and before Chris’s folks get too old) I’m hoping the 2 of them can go and visit more often maybe.


One Response to “Front page news”

  1. Nisey Says:

    my folks are in durban and my only regret about living in nelspruit is that jaden doesn’t get to have them close by. its a real shame because my gran lived on our property and i was so close to her and still miss her even though she died 11 years ago.
    at least he talks to her on the phone all the time thereby maintaining some form of a relationship

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