Friday afternoon is my gran’s funeral in Durban. My parents fly to Durban this afternoon so we’ll be having Kohl again, can’t wait for those 5am wake ups. I really want to go to the funeral but just take a listen at what must happen. The main issue is that Chris is running his Baviaans Trail Run on Saturday morning. He is due to leave at 3pm on Friday afternoon as one needs at least a bakkie of sorts, if not a 4X4 to get there and his Mini is obviously not an option. He’s driving with our minister and his wife and they’d wanted to leave at 2pm but Chris has asked if they don’t mind leaving at 3pm. My flight is 7h55 on Friday morning so I’ll need to leave for the airport just before 7am (thank goodness we live in PE). Chris has theatre on a Friday but he’ll get his Medical Officer to start with a simple procedure as he needs to wait for Joyce to get here (she’s coming for 7.45 that morning) and drop Zoe at school (she can only go after 8am). A friend will fetch Zoe at 12pm and take her to her house until Chris hopefully fetches her at 13.30. He will then spend some time with the kids before he gets fetched. A friend of my mom’s is coming around at 4pm to help Joyce with playing, supper, bathing and putting to bed. My mom and I arrive back at 21.15 (please let there be no diversions to other places and we can’t get back). Oh boy, it’s amazing how having kids complicates one’s life. I’m not complaining for a second. What I am complaining about is that it’s always left to the mom to arrange everything. I know that I don’t work so technically it is my job but it seems like I must even organise his stuff for his race, stuff like, make sure all your things are 100% ready and packed on Thursday night so that you can actually spend time with Zoe and Ava on Friday afternoon, not rushing around packing. He only heard he’d got into the race (it’s limited to 100 entries) a few weeks ago and by then all the accommodation was fully booked so he’s actually camping in the garden of one of the guest houses!!! So, it’s a lot of stuff to pack and you know what procrastinaters men are when it comes to packing and getting themselves organised. I hope I’ll be able to “enjoy” the funeral and not spend all my time worrying about the girls.

The photos were taken on Monday when we went down to play on the beach for a bit. Sometimes it would be nice if one’s life was just about baking cakes on the beach. With all the stories one reads I’m just very glad that we get to spend our Monday afternoons playing on the beach if we want to.


One Response to “Logistics”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Katherine! While I’m super grateful for how involved Walter is… there simply is no replacement for a mother and ultimately the bulk of the responsibility will always be with us Mom’s!

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