Harder than I thought

This morning Zoe flew to Cape Town with my parents. She will be spending 2 nights with Chris’s folks and then 1 night with my brother and his family (and my parents will be there). I am so sad and the house is so quiet. She talks absolutely non-stop from the moment she wakes up and it can get a bit much after a while but I can’t explain just how lost I feel without her. We have left them for the weekend before but this just feels a bit different. She started crying as we were saying goodbye so my mom carried her through security. I kept thinking, but this is supposed to be fun. She absolutely loves flying, which is one of the reasons she went along on the trip. I phoned my mom a few minutes later and of course she was absolutely fine. I hope she has a wonderful time. She really is such a little superstar. She has always slept brilliantly, never threw tantrums and is generally very well-behaved, a real goodie-too-shoes I’m afraid (although they’re very easy to parent). It’s only now that her less “angelic” sister has arrived onto the scene that we fully realise just how lucky we were with Zoe. Ava has very big shoes to fill and at the moment she’s failing dismally. She is the happiest, most adorable child but she is hard work – she already throws tantrums, is impossible to discipline (just laughs when you tell her no) and after sleeping well for 15 months has now developed a sleeping disorder that is driving us nuts. The night before last the girls slept at my parents as we were going out for dinner and then wanted to go for a long run yesterday morning. We bathed them and put them to bed at my parents and they didn’t hear from them until 7am!!! This morning (for her loving parents) Ava woke just before 5am!!!! Zoe would quite happily sleep till 7.30am every morning if we let her (I’ve had to wake her at 7am or a bit after since she was 5 months old) and they both go to bed at 7am. We thought (and hoped) that was normal for all children. We did absolutely nothing differently. My mom just laughs at me as my older brother and I did everything “right” in terms of being good babies and then my younger brother arrived. He had colic till he was 9 months old and didn’t sleep through until he was over 3. I suppose we should be grateful that we had 8 months of sleeping through. Maybe it’s her teeth but I’m not convinced – she managed to get the first 8 without any problems. Leaving her to cry DOES NOT work. She goes to sleep fine but somewhere between 12 and 2am she wakes up. We don’t pick her up, just pat her to calm her down and then once she’s quiet you have to stand next to her cot. You don’t have to have your hand on her, you just have to stand there or sit or lie down in her room. After a few minutes we try and sneak out, sometimes it works but more often than not she starts yelling again. This can go on for 2 hours!!! Then the next night she’ll sleep through again (if we’re lucky). Chris must obviously go to work the next day and I like to get up early to run, so this nightmare is driving us nuts. It’s been about 2 weeks I suppose. If we give her medicine, then we also don’t hear from her but we can’t do that every night (and her dad, being a typical doctor is very anti medication). So, the angel went off to Cape Town and the little monster is here with us. Ava is actually very easy in all other respects – eats her food, doesn’t say much, very sociable, can entertain herself and is a happy little camper. Just wish we could sort this one minor major issue out. Oh man, I’m missing Zoe and it’s only been about 2 hours. Still not sure how I’m going to manage when we go skiing.

One other thing, how ironic is this. Yesterday, we went for a long run and there was a strong wind that even changed direction while we were running so that we ran into the wind for almost 23 km’s. The children were with my parents so we could have slept late. Today, is a breathless day AND Ava woke before 5am.


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