So quiet

Zoe is still in Cape Town and it is incredible just how quiet it is without her. I’m missing her so much, although she’s having a wonderful time and it’s great that she gets to spend a bit of time with her other grandparents as she sees so much of my parents. They’ve been extremely busy – done the Aquarium, World of  birds, 2 x trips to find baboons, gone to see the penguins and who knows what else.

Life seems so simple and easy with only 1 child it’s almost unreal. I said before that she’s a very easy child – doesn’t say much and is very good at entertaining herself (will play for ages and ages in the sandpit or unpacking the toy cupboard). Chris and I can actually have a conversation without being interrupted constantly by Zoe trying to ask a question or tell us something or just demand attention as only 3 year olds can do.

Ironically when Zoe was a baby I used to get a bit anxious when Chris wasn’t home in time for her bath time. That was when she was a tiny baby but I also didn’t like it when he was away and I had to cope with her all on my own for a few days. Oh man, I can’t quite believe that. His work is now so much busier than it ever was when Zoe was a baby. It happens fairly often (maybe once every 2 weeks or so) that he doesn’t get home before they go to bed and it seems perfectly fine and manageable. When Ava was tiny and he wasn’t going to make it home in time for bath/bedtime I’d get my mom to come and help!!Now having 1 child feels like we almost have no children in a way.

I said to Chris today, “What on earth did we do before we had kids?” We couldn’t really remember but he did a LOT of DIY stuff and we worked very hard in our garden and the dogs got to go on some very exciting walks. That doesn’t really seem to account for all of our time. Oh, and I did work in those days but I got all the school holidays, what bliss.


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