A new normal

It suddenly struck me just how easily (and quickly) we adjust to a new “normal”. While I was writing yesterday’s post about how easy it is having only 1 child to look after I totally forgot about the most glorious part of it all – the 2 hour nap. What an absolute pleasure – 2 hours to take a nap, read a book, chat, whatever. When Zoe was very young, her sleeping was a bit unpredictable but then from about 6 months she started having 2, 2 hour naps a day. I only had help twice a week at that stage, so a lot of her nap time was spent at home but it was still pretty awesome to have that time to get stuff done and relax a bit. After she turned a year, she went down to 1 nap of 2 hours or more which was still pretty awesome. After she turned 2, she started play school twice a week for 3 hours and I felt quite guilty on those days as she’d come back from school, have a quick bite to eat and then sleep for 2 hours!!! Then Ava arrived and it was a bit of a shock to say the least, especially as Zoe had been sleeping through from 7pm – 7am from 5 months of age (and twice a week I’d been getting a 5 hour break). I was suddenly up twice or 3 times a night for an hour sometimes and then there were days that they never napped at the same time, just as I put Ava down, Zoe would wake up or vice versa. It was tough.

When Ava was 4 months we moved into our house, Joyce started working full-time, Ava started mostly sleeping through and life looked up. Zoe has pretty much stopped sleeping in the daytime, although she does occasionally lie on her bed for a bit. She only goes to school 3 mornings a week, so eventhough Ava sleeps for 2 hours in the day, Zoe doesn’t and Ava goes to sleep just before 12 which is just as I leave to go and fetch Zoe from school (on the days that she does go). I’d completely forgotten what it was like to have that 2 hour break in the day (never mind the 4 hour one when Zoe was little). It was such a “normal” part of my day that I struggled (and moaned and complained) when I lost it but now I can hardly remember what it was like to have it. Thank goodness us humans are so adaptable.


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