She’s back

Zoe arrived safely back from Cape Town and is on such a high. We have gone from having an extremely quiet house to a very noisy one. She obviously had a ball, although I think she was ready to come home. My gran had this photo taken of me when I was about a year old and my dad found it amongst her things while they were sorting everything out. The similarity to Ava is quite amazing. I can’t see that she looks like me, but when I see this photo, it is very obvious that she’s mine.

Me at about a year old

Not exactly the same angles but you get the idea. She was a bit under a year.

When we showed Zoe the photo and told her it was me, she said “But you don’t have that dress anymore”???!! Joyce thought it was a photo of Ava. Ava does have quite a bit more hair now, not as much as I did though and she’s still blonder than I ever was. Still have no idea where our blonde children come from.


One Response to “She’s back”

  1. Sharon Says:

    There is a very strong resemblance!

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