Plodding along

Seems like nothing very exciting is happening at the moment I’m afraid. I’m almost too scared to write but it’s been more than a week now and Ava has been sleeping brilliantly again. 7pm till 7 am without any waking up. Murphy’s law because I ordered Sleep Sense and also borrowed a friend’s sleep book (Solve your child’s sleep problems). What a waste of money, but rather I’d rather waste my money than have a child that isn’t sleeping anyday. I briefly looked at the book I borrowed and the one thing I found quite interesting is the amount of sleep children require. He says that at Ava’s age she should be having just under 12 hours sleep per day, total. She has a 2 hour nap at lunch-time (9 out of 10 days I wake her after 2 hours as she would happily go on sleeping). Both my kids have always woken up very happily (whether I wake them or they wake themselves) and because I like them to go to bed at 7pm, I prefer to limit their naps in the day, so that they’re ready to go to bed at 7pm.

Getting back to amount of sleep, though. Ava has 2 hours in the day and then is in her cot just after 7pm at night. I don’t wait till she’s fallen asleep and while Zoe is lights out almost immediatly (if she hasn’t slept in the day), Ava does sometimes chat to herself for a little while but never more than 10/15 minutes. She generally wakes  between 6.45 and 7am, so that means she has almost 12 hours at night, plus the other 2 hours which gives a total of 14 hours/day. For Zoe, it says she should be having 11 hours a day and she has 12, so not so much of a difference. I presume I must just be very grateful that they both sleep more than what is required as opposed to less.

We met with the architect again and hopefully we’ll have the final plans soon so that my dad can measure them and do the estimate and we can start getting quotes. It’s exciting but scary as well. Chris and I are both quite design-conscious in a way, him probably more than me, and to try and agree on everything is not easy. At the moment the pool is the big issue. Our plot slopes slightly so the patio is about 6 steps up from the garden. Should the pool be on the same level as the patio, at the same level as the garden or halfway between the two? I’m actually going to get some pool people in this week, as they should be able to help us a bit. The architect and I prefer it at the same level as the patio but Chris thinks it should be at the level of the garden so the kids can get out of the pool on all sides and run from the garden into the pool. I told him he should bear in mind that he has 2 girls and not 2 boys.

We were hoping to get lots of ideas from the Homemakers Expo but I was very disappointed. Last year there seemed to be so many more stalls that were applicable to us, but this year we hardly found anything. We did get a compost bin and a few business cards but there weren’t even any pool people there, no bathroom people, hardly any kitchen design places, minimal flooring ideas. It seemed to have about 20 different solar geyser/electricity companies. It was in a new venue this year (the bottom level of a shopping centre parking garage!!!) and was so badly laid out. No stalls were numbered and it was difficult to know where you’d been and where you still had to go. I really enjoyed the expo last year and we weren’t even about to start renovating so I’m quite cross about this year’s poor show. They kept advertising it as “bigger and better”, definitely not in my opinion.

Running training is going well, although I did feel a bit tired on my long run yesterday. I’m plannig on doing a marathon on 4 December and I saw a marathon training program where you do a 2 hour run, then 2 and a half hours, then 3 hours, then back to 2 hours, 2 and a half hours and 3 hours again over a 6 week period. This week was my 2 and a half hour run but the route I chose took only 2 hours 2o minutes and was about 26km. Not sure how I’ll find a 3 hour run for next week but there’s a website Mapmyrun that’s pretty good as it uses google earth street maps and you can plot your run quite easily. This week Chris and I didn’t run together (I ran yesterday and he went this morning) and it’s amazing how much nicer it is running with someone else. I felt much more tired on yesterday’s run and I’m sure it’s because there was no one to encourage me or talk to (not that I’m a big talker while I run). I’ve always prefered to run alone, so to reach this conclusion is quite strange actually. Chris and I run well together as although he is a bit faster than me in races, we train at about the same pace. He bought new shoes on Friday as his knees were a bit sore and fortunately they were 100% today. His shoes are only 6 months old but he is running more now than he has for a long time. As far as hobbies go, running is still very cheap, so if he has to get a new pair of shoes every 6 months, so what.


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