He passed

Just a quick one to say that he passed, my brother that is. So now he’s officially a Paediatric Surgeon. Hopefully we’ll never have reason to use his expertise!!! He is off to a conference in Delhi in about 10 days and then on to the USA for a few weeks for a very short fellowship. His poor wife is all I can say. He works very long hours and for the last 8 months or so she’s had to deal with him studying anytime he’s not at work and now, just as he finishes the studying bit, he’s away for a month. They have the most adorable little girl but she can be quite demanding of her mother and being almost 7 months pregnant doesn’t make it any easier. I know I should feel sorry for him having to do all the studying (and working long hours) but I seem to have more sympathy for her right now.

I am very proud of him and am so thrilled that he’s achieved (and become) what he’s always wanted to be. The life of a Paediatric Surgeon is not an easy one. There is no emergency quite like a sick child and they do incredible op’s on minute little prem’s, liver transplants, removing tumours and any number of other procedures that are all made that bit more difficult because they’re done on children and babies. Babies that sometimes only weigh 770 grams or so. Chris didn’t enjoy his time at Red Cross Hospital at all but Richard lives and breathes Red Cross much to his family’s (not so much his wife more his sister’s) frustration. I’ll say again that I’m very glad he’s my brother and not my husband.

Ava had her first swimming lesson today and she did really well and seemed to enjoy it very much. The only down side of her starting swimming is that I now have to go to swimming 4 times a week. It’s about 15 minutes drive away so not too far but still. At least I don’t get in the pool with Zoe and my mom will take her once a week when she can. Hopefully by next year she’ll be used to swimming (and we’ll have our own pool at home) so then she’ll only go once a week.

One other bit of advice. Please don’t ever buy a Boerboel. Chris often has to sort out people that have been bitten by dogs. I can say without a doubt that 99 times out of 100 the dogs responsible have been Boerboels. While working at Tygerberg he obviously dealt with poorer communities where the dogs might not neccessarily have come from good breeders. Since he has been in private practice he has had to deal with dog bites as well and guess what, still boerboels are the main culprits. Last night he had to operate on a 5 year old girl that was savaged by the family’s own 7 month old boerboel puppy (bought from a breeder that specifically breeds “child-friendly” dogs). You have been warned, they are not to be trusted, no matter where they come from or how many wonderful boerboels you know or have met.


2 Responses to “He passed”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Congratulations to your brother!!

    On the Boerbull thing, we had one, a beautiful, incredible, gentle soul, who eventually died of old age last year.
    When we first got her and we had a Rottweiler, we took them for puppy socialization and training. Our trainer, the head of the Dog Therapy Association of South Africa, shared a very interesting statistic with us, the class was made up of a mish mosh of dogs, a few boerbullies and a few rotties and everyone was poep scared of the rotties. The trainer asked the class which breed of dog bites more people in the USA and everyone said American Pitbulls and she told us all that that was in fact incorrect and that the most dog bites in the USA are from Golden Retrievers and its not because they’re the most vicious breed of dog but because they are the most popular breed of dog in the USA hence the large number of bites from them.
    Apparently the same applies to breeds in SA – Boerbulls & Rottweilers being two of the most popular breeds in SA and hence people think they’re the most vicious dogs but they’re not there is just way more of them than any other breed.
    My brother almost lost his eye as a child from a poodle, we have grown up with rotties, boerbulls, bull terriers and pitbulls and never had a single issue with any of them.

  2. zamom Says:

    As I said, he’s sorted out many, many people with dog bites and 9 times out of 10 it’s a boerboel. Not sure of the reasons why but it’s enough to stop me from ever buying one. I also know some lovely boerboels but after having seen the photos of this poor little girl, I just wouldn’t take a chance. He has treated kids/people that have been “accidently” bitten while playing or whatever (a single isolated bite) but this was a systematic savage attack all over her body and the dog cost a fortune because it was especially bred to be good with kids. I obviously don’t know what sort of training or socialising the dog had which is always an important factor to consider. We have a friend who works as an ER doctor (they obviously see a lot of dog bites) and as a result of what he’s seen in his almost 10 years working in an ER, he will never buy a dog for his family – so it also shows you, no breed is safe.

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