Just to clarify

The running enthusiast thought I may be 35, so not bad but still, I wish she’d thought I could be 29 or something like that. Chris assures me that I don’t look old. I would like to trust him but he hardly stands to make money out of making me look younger, as is the case with the people who normally ask for his opinion.

She did politely say that I probably didn’t have a chance of winning a prize (no s#$t sherlock), perhaps next year when I did turn 35. Oh boy, runners really are the strangest bunch. They must be the only people wanting to turn older so that you can enter a new age category and have a chance of winning something. Wierdos. The lady from the club is actually 50 and only started running when she turned 47. All her personal bests are better than mine (I’m not surprised) and she’s done 3 Two Oceans and a Comrades already!!

Sorry about all the running stuff but the other amazing thing about running a race, especially a longer one like a Half Marathon or a Marathon are the shapes and sizes of the other runners. Chris and I did a race a while back which had lots of hills but the hills were all towards the end. We ran the first bit quite fast (in my opinion) as our pace was under 5min per km. At about the 13km mark we ran past a lady that looked as if she wouldn’t be able to run around the block and yet she was doing very well. I almost thought she may have just been out running on her own but no, she had a race number. Not to mention all the over 60 and 70 year olds that finish way ahead of me everytime.



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