There goes that theory

On the one hand I’m actually quite relieved. A few weeks back Ava started sleeping quite badly where she wouldn’t settle after waking anywhere between midnight and 3am. It wasn’t nice at all, came as rather a shock to us and left us a bit confused as how we should handle it. I didn’t even consider teething as she’d cut her first 8 without any trouble at all but after a friend suggested teeth, I did check her mouth and discovered 2 molars in the process of making their appearance. I was glad to find a reason for the waking but rather bleak as we still had another 2 molars, 4 eye teeth and then another set of molars to go. We were staring down the barrel of rather a lot of disturbed nights. It all resolved completely just as I’d put in my order for a copy of Sleep Sense but in the back of my mind I knew those other 2 molars were lurking, waiting to break our hearts again.

Well, guess what, I’ve spotted some white bits of molar and little Ava is still sleeping 7pm – 7am (or a tad earlier). Quite funny actually as on Wednesday morning Chris got up early to run and the kids both slept till 7am. This morning I got up to run and Ava (Zoe slept over at my folks) woke at 6.20am (unlucky Dad). Yes, I know I’ve tempted fate and she’ll probably be up tonight but I’m hoping that the fact that I spotted white means that the worst is over. I’m very excited as hopefully this means that we won’t have any further nocturnal disturbances but who knows what was going on a few weeks ago.

I need to mention again just how awesome it is having my folks nearby, I can highly recommend it. The girls both love Joyce, Ava especially but there’s just something about leaving your child with their Nana as opposed to their nanny. We popped into my mom yesterday afternoon and at some stage Zoe asked whether she could stay over at my folks that night. My mom has everything (toothbrushes, toothpaste, kiddies soap,etc.) so we put her pyjamas, some clothes for today, her school bag (school is 2 houses from my folks), her taglets, Moo and Kohl in a bag and off she went. I was having my nails, lashes,etc. done this morning and dropped Ava off on my way. Zoe was actually still there as school only starts at 9am. My mom and Ava walked Zoe up to school and then Ava got some one on one time with Nana. Recently, if Ava sees my mom, even if I’m holding her she’ll put out her arms to be picked up or held by my mom. So special and I know it absolutely thrills my mom. They are both so at home in my parents’ house and although I will find going skiing in January extremely difficult, I know deep down that they will hardly miss us at all.


One Response to “There goes that theory”

  1. coachmarcia Says:

    It does sound heavenly to have your parents so near.

    And well done on the race! That is AWESOME!!!!!

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