Unplanned holiday

Sorry, been a bit quiet this week. Yesterday we had some wonderful rain, I’d almost forgotten what hard rain was like. I think about 50mm fell in PE, which isn’t that much but when you’ve had as little as we’ve had over the past 2/3 years, then it seems like a lot. Rather ironic was that the girls slept over at my folks as Chris and I had planned to go for a long run on Thursday morning. They can both sleep through anything. When Zoe was a baby we had our steel windows replaced for wooden ones and it was incredibley noisy – angle grinders, hammering electric saws you name it and she had both her naps as usual no issues. They drilled for a borehole RIGHT and I mean right outside Ava’s window when she was taking a nap and she never stirred. Drilling for a borehole is loud, like a jackhammer times a hundred loud. So, Wednesday night we had a massive thunderstorm that started at about 2.30am and went on for a few hours. Our dogs are scared of thunder. Well, actually only Olive is scared but Rolo joins in on the fun and games. We had 1 dog whining and both dogs charging around our room (they normally sleep in the kitchen but Olive gets so hysterical during storms) for about 2 or 3 hours. We were going to run at 5am but it was absolutely pouring and even hailing at that stage. So, we had no kids but also no sleep and no run!!! My parents didn’t hear a peep out of the girls and my mom had to wake Ava at 7am. Not fair, we definitely got the short straw. The worst part is that our dogs were never scared of thunder but they once spent a month here in PE with my parents old dog that was terrified and ever since then, Olive has also been terrified. Kohl, their new dog, isn’t the least bit bothered by it, just hope Olive doesn’t ever rub off on him else we’ll never break this cycle. Thank goodness we don’t live in Joburg or Natal where there are frequent storms.

The unplanned holiday is that Chris is off to a conference from Saturday till Wednesday and so the rest of us will be moving in with my parents. If he goes away my mom usually comes and sleeps over but we just decided it was easier for us to go and stay there, it should make my stint as a single parent fairly painless I hope.



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