Back home

We’re all safely home and everyone had a great time. Staying with my parents made it unbelievably easy to be a single parent, almost easier than when Chris is around as my mom is around all the time and I didn’t have to worry about meals. A huge bonus. Ava is getting wilder and wilder though. Perhaps because my folks don’t have a jungle gym I’m not sure but she has taken to climbing on any object she can find and trying to leap off it. One has to watch her like a hawk and I’m sure it won’t be long before she has a broken bone or stitches. She doesn’t learn any lessons whatsoever (a touch concerned on that one’s mental capabilities!!) as if she does fall, she’ll shed a tear or two and then climb straight back on. She is absolutely loving Aquatots and is doing really well and is also starting to say more and more words at last.

Chris had a good time I think, catching up with all South Africa’s plastic surgeons and hopefully learning some new, useful stuff. His registrars won a prize for the most innovative research project which is really pretty good as they are such a new department. I am really pleased for him and for them of course. He is still umming and ahhing about staying in government or going fully private and I reckon it’ll be a while before things are resolved. Bottom line is that East Cape Health is in serious financial difficulties so it might be a while before they can offer him the promotion but if he had to leave then there would be no one to train the registrars or do any of the plastic surgery that anyone in the Eastern Cape (he is the ONLY plastic surgeon in full-time governement employ in the entire Eastern Cape) might need. That is a huge moral issue, one which we can’t dismiss or ignore and he does really enjoy the governement work, most of the time. Trying to do half-half is difficult and he won’t be able to share consulting rooms forever. As soon as he has his own rooms, then his practice costs will increase significantly and it will probably mean that he will need to go fully private to make it all worthwhile. At the moment I think he’ll just continue as is and tackle it all next year.

One thing I think he’s very sure of is the fact that we’ll never find ourselves in Joburg. He was born and brought up there and 2 of his sisters are still there but fortunately his parents moved to Simons Town about 10 years ago. He says the traffic is just insane, although he did go on the Gautrain from Sandton City to the airport. I presume when the bit between Pretoria and Sandton City is finished things may improve. I am very grateful we live in a place with practically no traffic so that one doesn’t really ever have to think about where and when you’re going anywhere as there’s never a bad time or direction to drive. I would very much like a Woolies food around the corner but I’ll just live in hope that one day Summerstrand will indeed get one.


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