Another running post I’m afraid. Training for a marathon or an ultra event like Two Oceans is a pretty daunting thing. It takes commitment and lots of waking up early which I will admit, does get to me . There are those that wake up at 4.20am EVERY morning to go running at 4.30am. Who knows I might be one of those people one day but at the moment I still place them firmly in the mental category. As far as I’m concerned, waking up at 5.45am is early but that’s kind of what I’m doing these days. What makes it all the more tough (and stupid) is that my girls both sleep till about 7am and Chris always wakes up and makes me tea, so I could in fact be waking up just before 7am and leisurely drinking my tea while reading the paper. We did a 10km race this morning and as we were getting all our stuff ready last night I looked at Chris and commented that we might spend the rest of our lives waking up early over the weekend to go off and do a long run or race or whatever and my heart did sink a bit.

This whole running thing seems to have grabbed hold of both of us and sucked us in, in a big way. But the news is not all doom and gloom. A couple of months ago I was really nagging Chris about giving me some liposuction and when he got back from his conference he told me that he had a big surprise – he’d arranged for some fancy ultrasound liposuction machine to come to PE and I could be one of the people he’d use it on. Guess what, I think I’ve pretty much turned him down. Why? Having it done would mean that I won’t be able to run for a few weeks number 1. Number 2 I’m a bit nervous about the pain factor and number 3 I’m feeling so much better about my body. I still have love handles which I don’t like and my upper thighs could do with a bit of slimming down but I’d rather try and get there on my own. So far things are going well – my weight is back where I want it to be and I even went bikini shopping in anticipation of taking part in a world record attempt today. The plan was to get 2000 women in bikinis and take a photo of them at the new soccer stadium. We were allowed to wear sarongs but it was still rainy and cold today and we didn’t quite manage 2000 women. It was still pretty cool to go onto the field of the stadium, look up at all the thousands of seats and think back to earlier in the year when I was sitting watching all those awesome soccer games during the World Cup and getting a tiny taste of what it feels like to be a player. Anyway, they found a new record for us to break and that was to walk around the stadium, not inside but right around the outside, through the streets!!! It was chilly and I definitely feel like I’ve done my bit for charity.

Now, back to the running. My previous best time for a 10km race was just over 47 minutes which I did before I had Zoe. Since starting to run again this year my best 10km time has been 48.20. Today my time for 10km was 44.17. 4 minutes faster and beyond my wildest dreams. I am impressed with myself. Chris did a 43.36 which is also his PB. WOW. I am officially a running addict. What an awesome high one gets, makes waking up early on a Saturday morning so worth it.

On a sad note. There’s a 27km race next Saturday but tomorrow morning anyone who is helping with the race next week can run the “race” tomorrow and they’ve invited anyone whose keen to join them. They will provide water and coke which is always an issue on long training runs as one has to plan your route around garages that have taps and where you can buy a coke! The run tomorrow will be free, so it’s a win-win situation. Chris was planning on doing it as he doesn’t get as much chance to run during the week as I do. I would love to do it as well but feel a bit bad to ask my parents to babysit yet again. It starts at 6am, so we can’t exactly drop them off on out way to the race as we did this morning. back to Chris though, because he is only part-time in private he doesn’t tend to cover any emergencies that crop up at the private hospitals. There is a plastic surgeon on call (available for emergencies) this weekend but he isn’t answering his phone (very,very naughty). It isn’t the first time that this has happened and when it does, then they phone Chris. He has had a tough few weeks and has been very busy lately and he was looking forward to doing this run tomorrow. Some lady has cut her wrist/arm so badly that it’s sliced through all her tendons and who knows what else. Now it obviously isn’t her fault and she needs to be helped, so Chris has no option but to go and see her. It will take hours and hours to fix. Not only was he running tomorrow but we’re going to friends for lunch. A lunch date with 2 kids on my own won’t be much fun. I’m sad for this lady and for myself but I’m more sad for my poor husband. He needs a haircut at the moment and he hasn’t shaved so he looked unbelievably sorry for himself as he worked out the door at 9.30pm on a Saturday night. It’s amazing how one little phonecall can mess up a glorious weekend so quickly.


2 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    I know, I know! I just wrote about it.

    I think it’s fantastic you no longer want liposuction. While I’m very frustrated with my body, I still would not resort to plastic surgery. Gosh, they had to drag me in kicking and screaming for necessary stuff 🙂

    P.S. what is your motherstyle? See links on my blog.
    P.P.S. hope you have a nice lunch anyway!

  2. zamom Says:

    I’m an ESFJ mom.
    It’s 12.37pm now and I’m trying to keep myself calm. Just phoned Chris and he says he’s just finished but needs to put a cast on, so will still be 40 minutes. I said we’d be there at 1pm (was supposed to be 12pm). Ava usually sleeps till 13.30, so I need to wake her, make and pack a sandwich for her and still stop at Spar to buy ice cream to go with the malva pudding I made. The friends we’re going to have stairs and Ava spends the ENTIRE time we’re there going up them and threatening to leap off. Chris prefers to ignore her but my heart just can’t take it, so I spend the whole time running up the stairs after her – she tries to go down without sitting down and going bum first, she prefers to go down holding onto the bannister!!!

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