Everything in perspective

Chris arrived back from doing his op as we were reversing out the driveway at 13.05. He’d done the 27km run (finished just before 8.30am) and then gone straight to the hospital where he showered and started the op. I’d had a long morning getting both girls up, dressed, fed and then done the solo-church thing, which is basically joining in on a bit of the worship and then taking them to Children’s Church. Ava actually now stays in Zoe’s class at Children’s Church as there are other siblings her age that potter around, scribbling and playing with the toys, while the bigger ones sing, listen to a story and do the craft activity. Anyway, I’m seriously off the topic. Got home and quickly made the malva pudding to take along to the lunch, gave Ava her snack, put her down for a nap,etc.,etc.

Chris had mentioned that the op might take 2 hours, always a dangerous thing to do as I’m always on time and if he says 2 hours then I expect 2 hours. I worked out that he’d started the op sometime after 9am and 2 hours would mean 11am. When both 11am and 12pm came and went without any sign of him, I started to get a bit cross. It’s not as if he’s playing golf or fishing or anything like that, the poor thing was working so I know I’m being very unreasonable.

So, he hopped into the car and off we went. Turns out the girl had managed to severe 11 tendons and 2 nerves (of her dominant hand). She’s 16 and goes to the high school right near our house. The mom asked about her writing her exams and Chris said no, not for 3 months minimum. The mom asked about playing the piano, Chris said not for 6 months at least. She plays waterpolo and again it’s 6 months minimum. Your ulnar nerve controls a lot of your finger movement. More than likely she will never use her hand normally ever again. She’s 16. She was arguing with her sister and lost her balance and stuck her hand through a cottage-pane window accidently. A completely freak accident that’s probably changed her life forever. Scary and made my little issue seem completely non-existent. We had a divine lunch, the kids all played like superstars and I even got to go for a lovely long run. Yes, my husband is that incredible. He was up at 5am this morning but as soon as we got back from lunch he took the girls and the dogs down to the beach while I lay and read my book for 30 minutes (heaven I tell you) and then I went for an hour’s run while he gave them supper and got them ready for their bath.

One last thing, I came 10th out of the ladies in yesterday’s race. 10th!!! Chris came 73rd (I was 90th overall), I love being a girl!!!


One Response to “Everything in perspective”

  1. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    “quickly made the malva pudding”

    YOU are a rock star 🙂

    Poor girl! I hate these freak accidents!

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